AlphaProx Factor 1 – The first inductive distance-measuring sensor with a large 8mm measuring range on all metals

Friday, 23. September 2016
Baumer AlphaProx Factor 1 inductive distance-measuring  on all metals

AlphaProx Factor 1 allows flexible measurements with the same measuring range on all metals

With the AlphaProx IR18.D08F, Baumer presents the first inductive distance measuring Factor 1 sensor in a robust M18 housing. The sensor permits a constant measuring range of 8mm, no matter what metal material the target object is made of. The advantage becomes particularly apparent with aluminum and non-ferrous metals, whose natural damping behavior normally reduces measuring ranges by up to 50%. Up to now, if target objects made of different metals were used in a machine or installation, the right inductive sensor had to be installed and adjusted for each metal. Thanks to the AlphaProx Factor 1 sensor, only one sensor is required. The shutdown periods that were necessary in the past for setup and readjustment can now be dispensed with. This means an enormous gain in efficiency for plant manufacturers and operators. 

Thanks to its simple installation and startup, the AlphaProx Factor 1 offers another great advantage besides its constant measuring range. The innovative teach concept means that laborious mechanical adjustment is at last a thing of the past. Whether by cable, teach-in adapter or through the controller, the sensors are adjusted after installation more or less at the press of a button, and are ready for immediate use. In conjunction with its robust housing and its very small temperature drift, the linearized sensor is ideal for measuring distances in the fields of handling, mechanical engineering or lightweight construction.

AlphaProx by Baumer is a flexible platform for distance-measuring inductive sensors, with integrated evaluation electronics and a very good price-performance ratio for automation in industry. No matter whether very confined spaces, large distances, critical environments, tiny changes in position or highly accurate measurements, AlphaProx sensors are comfortable and easy to put into operation, and thus offer the perfect solution.