Product Innovations 2017

Efficient fluid management with the FlexFlow family of flow and temperature sensors

They are based on the calorimetric measurement principle and monitor both flow velocity as well as media temperature. The sensors feature IO-Link and, depending on the configuration, up to two switching or analog outputs (4...20 mA/ 0...10 V).

GIM500R – Compact inclination sensors

Thanks to their extremely robust and resilient design, the inclination sensors of the GIM500R series are ideal in any environment. In a saltwater-resistant aluminium housing and with fully encapsulated electronics they ensure operation safety with IP 69K rating.

PosCon CM - Measurement of round objects

PosCon CM light section sensor is the perfect solution for measuring center position, diameter as well as out positions of round objects with an outer diameter of 30 to 130 mm. The calibrated sensor requires neither a reflector nor external software. 

Double down: new VeriSens vision sensors

The VeriSens models 510, 700 and 800 double the productivity of image-based quality inspection and, thanks to integrated Industrial Ethernet, provide the high degree of connectivity required by Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Robust strain probe DSRK - simplified installation and maximum longevity

The perfectly harmonized geometry of the sensing head with flat inlet and reliable clamping collar eliminates the risk of damage. Contrary to previous DSRH based on the Strain-Mate principle, new DSRK strain probe utilizes the technology of glued strain gauge.

Robust precision – The new series of magnetic absolute encoders

The new generation MAGRES EAM580 and EAM360 combines robustness with highest precision. Their maximum angular accuracy of  0.15° ensures absolute reliability and precise positioning.

3D cameras for high-performance laser triangulation

The LX VisualApplets 3D cameras allow for precise and fast laser triangulation in the application. The amount of data is reduced straight in the camera to support a cost-effective system design.

Brought to a point – O300 laser sensors

Thanks to their small and very accurate 0.1 mm light beam, O300 laser sensors allow the reliable detection of tiny objects as well as of parts positioned close together. With a fast response time of < 0.1 ms and their high repeatability, the laser class 1 sensors fit perfectly to fast processes.