Cable transducer for linear position feedback

Easy installation – reliable measurements.

Baumer cable transducers are the easiest and most reliable options for linear position measurement and positioning. They measure over the entire measuring range in an almost linear manner, and are used for measuring lengths of up to 50 m.

The cable pulls are specially designed for industrial applications and are therefore particularly high-quality and durable. Baumer's cable transducer are suitable for integrated or subsequent installation, and are perfectly suited for series production by OEMs.

  • Portfolio
    • Compact cable transducers GCA5

      • Measuring range up to 4.7 m
      • 104 mm design
      • Absolute
      • Designed for harsh environmental conditions
      • Redundant types

      Productfinder analog

      Flexible cable transducer combinations

      • Measuring range up to 50 m
      • 96, 115 or 200 mm design
      • Incremental or absolute
      • Wide variety of combination options
    • Compact cable transducer

      • Measuring range up to 7.5 m
      • 88 or 120 mm design
      • Absolute multiturn
      • For applications with limited installation space
      • Redundant types
    Special features
    • For safety-relevant applications, Baumer presents the "BMMS MAGRES redundant" with redundant scanning and self-diagnostics.
    • Cable pulls and encoders can be combined practically at will. This way, you always have the option of using the cable pull with optimum measuring length and the encoder with the right incremental or absolute interface.
    • With programmable encoders, simply adapt the required line count or resolution to the existing measuring length.
    Areas of application

    Easiest and most reliable linear position measurement especially for industrial applications, for example

    • Lifting and hoisting equipment
    • Linear positioning table
    • Lifting systems
    • Cranes, drilling and excavating facilities
    • Conveyor systems
    • Forklift trucks
    • Storage and retrieval machines
    Key features
    • Measuring range from 1.5 m to 50 m
    • Maximum resolution and linearity
    • Easy, fast and flexible installation
    • High operating reliability and a long service life
    • Incremental and absolute versions
    Available interfaces

    The compact BMMS cable-pull encoders are available with
    - CANopen
    - SSI
    - analog 0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20 mA (in preparation)
    - or also in a redundant version

    The flexible cable-pull encoder combinations offer
    - all common incremental interfaces
    - all common absolute interfaces including field bus and real-time Ethernet
    - interchangeable bus covers