SCATEC copy counter

Number 1 in flawless edge detection

SCATEC copy counters from Baumer are top of the line when it comes to lap stream copy counting. Using SCATEC also provides unique benefits in detecting individual packages with seamless product conveyance.

SCATEC saves costs and increases reliability.

  • Safe detection of each individual copy
  • The sensor does not need to be readjusted if the copy changes.
  • Independent of color, surface, and product thickness

Products and technologies from former Swedish sensor manufacturer DENEX Systems Technology have been a part of Baumer since the end of 2011. 

More information about DENEX products is available at DENEX.

  • Portfolio
    • SCATEC-2
      The Bestseller

      • Copy counting in lap stream
      • Interference pulse suppression
      • Sensitivity and output pulse length adjustment
      • Minimum edge thickness 0.2 mm

      The Precision Class

      • Copy counting in lap stream/single sheet detection
      • Optimal working distance 70 mm
      • Minimum edge thickness 0.1 mm
      • Synch. input
      • Suppression of interface pulse/trailing edge

      The Precision Class

      • Copy counting in lap stream/single sheet detection
      • Optimal working distance
        100 mm
      • Minimum edge thickness 0.15 mm
      • Synch. input
      • Suppression of interference pulse/trailing edge
    • SCATEC-2 Box
      The Packaging Master

      • Special version for individual package detection with seamless product conveyance
      • Precise triggering of e.g. code reading or package identification systems
      • Counting of individual packages

      The Introductory Model

      • Copy counting in lap stream
      • Minimum edge thickness 1.5 mm
      • Fixed dead time 10 ms for interference pulse suppression
    • Countable benefits for better results.
      • Compact.

        Smallest edge detector on the market.

        Single sheet detection.

        Because it can detect edges down to 0.1 mm, single sheets can also be reliably detected and counted.

        Plug & play.

        Simply plug it in, get started, and forget about it. Even retrofitting is made easy.


        Faster, easier, and more reliable support thanks to the diagnostic tool ScaDiag.

      • Fast.

        Reliable product detection even at the highest conveyor speeds.

        Seamless detection.

        Precise edge detection guarantees reliable product detection even for seamless product conveyance.


        Equipped with the right functions to securely meet the challenges of even the most demanding applications.

    Areas of Application
        • Copy counting in lap stream, gripper transportation, compensating stacker
        • Precise edge detection for precise triggering, e.g. a label unit
        • Edge detection for cutting process in laminating plants
        • Precise triggering with seamless product conveyance
        • Counting of individual packages.
      Lap stream copy counting
      Copy counting in newspaper printing
      Counting packages in a lap stream
      Individual package detection with seamless product conveyance
      Counting of packages
      Triggering a code reading system
    Operating principle

    The SCATEC operating principle.

    • Non-contact thanks to the optical principle.
    • One laser light source – two receivers (V and R).
    • Reacts to object edges that face the laser beam.
    • If an edge passes through the laser beam, the relationship of the reflected light (v/r) to both receivers changes and the object is detected.
    • Known interferences are specifically targeted and suppressed.
    ScaDiag diagnostic software

    The unique ScaDiag diagnostic software is able to collect data if something unexpected happens in the production process while production is underway. This data is then forwarded to Baumer’s technical support. We are thus able to use this real-time process data to quickly and reliably help address the problem, even remotely – all without requiring you to interrupt the process.