AlphaProx Inductive Sensors

Measure distances accurate to a micrometer

AlphaProx by Baumer is a flexible platform for distance-measuring inductive sensors, with integrated evaluation electronics and a very good price-performance ratio.

  • Outstanding measurement accuracy down to the nanometer scale.
  • Minimum deviation from sensor to sensor thanks to factory calibration
  • Simple adjustment to the application thanks to its integrated powerful microcontroller
  • Portfolio
    • Sensors with linearized characteristic

      • Constant sensitivity over entire measuring range
      • Individually teachable measuring ranges for fast and easy installation
      • Extremely low deviation from sensor to sensor
      • Programmable digital output

      High sensitivity sensors 

      • Large signal changes  at smallest position changes
      • Individual teachable measuring range for fast and easy 
      • Cost-effective alternative to strain gauges  for of deflection and load measurement

      High-precision sensors

      • Very high resolution in the nanometer range
      • High temperature stability

      Hygienic and washdown-Design

      • FDA-compliant, Ecolab-tested
      • IP 69K
      • Long-term seal thanks to proTect+ impermeability concept


      Robust sensors

      • Robust stainless steel housing
      • IP 69K
      • Extremely robust and durable thanks to Baumer proTect
      • High signal quality in an extended temperature range

      Customized Sensors for low TCO

      • Individual output curves
      • Low-power variants
      • Sensors for safety applications
      • Special designs 
    • Miniature sensors and short designs

      • Completely integrated processing electronics
      • Easy installation in tight spaces 
      • Different rectangular (5x5, 8x4.7mm) and cylindrical designs (ø4, ø6.5, M8)
      • Short cylindrical designs with lengths up to 22mm


      Large measuring distances with small designs

      • Flush designs for cramped spaces 
      • Measuring distances up to 6 mm
      • Easy and safe installation

      Factor 1

      • 8 mm measuring range on aluminum and non-ferrous metals 
      • Solid M18 housing
      • Easy mounting and setup thanks to innovative teach concept

      Standard sensors

      • Dimensions from 4 to 30 mm for every requirement
      • Absolute distance measurement up to 16 mm
      • Completely integrated processing electronics

      Sensors for the ex-area (ATEX)

      • ATEX certified for explosive dusty atmospheres (2D zone 22)
      • Highest repeatability
      • Compact design


    • The compact and extremely robust sensors with fully integrated signal processing offer optimal installation possibilities even in limited spaces.  
    • Cost-effective Solutions for the high-end sector with resolutions as small as 4 nm.
    • Miniature sensors enable additional measurements even in tight space to increases the plant productivity.  
    • Fast installation thanks to the low deviation from sensor to sensor and excellent repeat accuracy. Allows for the installation of multiple sensors without individual adjustment.
    • High process reliability thanks to high temperature stability and excellent EMC performance.
    • Very good price/performance ratio. 
    • Easy installation and commissioning with detailed documentation.
    • Sensors with factor 1 technology provide large sensing distances on non-ferrous metals.
    Technical Highlights
    • The combination of a patented coil element with Baumer ASIC guarantees an outstanding accuracy. 
    • The complete end-of-line factory calibration of each sensor guarantees a linear output curve with a deviation below 1% over the whole series.
    • Fully integrated signal processing
    • Factor 1 sensor provide large sensing distances on non-ferrous metals
    • Low deviation from sensor to sensor and excellent repeat accuracy
    • High temperature stability
    • Excellent EMC performance
    • High measuring speed of 1 m/s
    • Resolutions as small as 0,004 μm
    • Linear and non-linearized characteristic curves
    • Large measuring ranges even in small housings
    • With a length of only 22 mm, the Ø 6.5 mm and M8 sensors are the smallest in their class
    • Innovative teach-in possibilities 
    • Additional configurable digital output
    Areas of application
    • Thanks to the wide variety in size and form, AlphaProx sensors are the perfect solution for almost any application. Examples:

      Measurement of smallest deflections / indirect force measurement

      • High sensitivity sensors for measuring the smallest changes in position 
      • Small deviations in position create large output changes 
      • Cost-effective alternative to strain gauges and eddy current sensors


      Measurement of distance, position and ankle as well as diameters 

      • High reliability thanks to contactless measuring
      • Measurement of linear and rotary movements possible
      • Compact sensor sizes allow mounting even in limited spaces


      Tape tension control and monitoring 

      • High control quality at high frequencies possible
      • The sensor performs two functions: distance measurement (analog) and end position shut-off (digital)
      • Through teach-in the sensor measuring range can optimally be adapted to different roller diameters


      Vibration measurements on shafts and bearings

      • Bearing play or true running measurements
      • Mounting is possible even in extremely limited spaces (amplifier is integrated in the sensor)
      • Very rapid movements can be measured