PosCon 3D – your edge specialist

Take the easy way with Baumer PosCon 3D for exact and reliable edge measurement

The compact sensor is an efficient alternative to complex laser measuring systems used in different applications where other solutions would fail. PosCon 3D reliably measures edge positions as well as object and gap widths without external software, processing device or reflector. It is easy to install, quick to configure, and low-maintenance in operation.

Measurement on extremely dark objects
Thanks to specific algorithms, the PosCon 3D also measures precisely on very dark surfaces made of highly absorbent materials such as rubber. This makes it the optimal tool for the tire industry. Tolerance checks for black rubber belts with steel mesh are one area of application. 

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  • Portfolio
    • PosCon 3D

      • Measurement of edge positions, object width or gap dimensions, object center positions
      • Object width measurement independent
        of surface finish, color or radial or axial runout
      • Easy installation and handling
      • Visible Class 1 laser line
      • Flexible mounting up to +/-30 Grad

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    • PosCon 3D for very dark objects

      • Measurements on extremely dark objects (e.g. rubber, plastics) 
      • Resolution up to  10 μm under various light conditions 
      • High repeat accuracy of > 30 μm
      • High ambient light immunity
      • Laser class 1
    Areas of Application
    • Solar wafer positioning in the electronics industry

      Prior to the metalization process, solar wafer and mask must be carefully aligned to each other. PosCon 3D ensures ultra-precise mask positioning even in tight spots and when mounted at an angle.

      Determination of sheet metal thickness

      PosCon 3D is installed further down below in order not to interfere with the sheet metal separation process. Despite the sub-optimal installation position, PosCon 3D will reliably determine the sheet metal thickness within one tenth of a millimeter and clearly recognize whether two sheets have been erroneously removed from the stack.

      Accurate measurement of tapes

      The PosCon 3D ensures continuous process monitoring in the production and further processing of plastic tapes. High precision measurement is even ensured in oscillating movements of the tape towards the sensor.

      Monitoring correct closing of cardboard boxes (gap control)

      The sensor accurately checks the correct closure of cardboard boxes. Even with boxes varying in height, the sensor reliably and precisely monitors the gap between the closure flaps.

      Paper edge position measurement (web edge control)

      There are only four steps to get ready:
      1. Sensor mount to include the paper edge in the measurement field.
      2. Power on.
      3. Select required language and mode (e.g. right edge) on the touch display.
      4. Done. The sensor is operational.

      Centering of extruded rubber belt (object centering)

      Both the belt’s target position and runout error can be considered when integrating PosCon 3D into the system using the sensor’s CAD data.
      No adjustment is necessary. The sensor measurement field is reproducible and precisely aligned.

    • Versatile application potential

      The different functions and modes can easily be selected on the touch display or via the sensor interface.

      • Edge Position

        Position measurement of the left or right edge of an object. The object height must be 2mm minimum.

        Object width

        Objects with a maximum width of 75 to 125 mm (depending on object height) can be measured.

      • Gap Measurement

        Gaps with a maximum width of 75 to 125 mm (depending on object height) can be measured.

    • Easy installation and operation
      • PosCon 3D is installed as easily as a light sensor
      • Only four steps to get ready: Install, align to the object, select language and measuring mode. That’s it
      • Visible class 1 laser line for easy and safety commissioning 
      • Time saving installation by referencing the optical axis to the mounting holes (qTarget™)
      • The sensor reliably measures objects with different colors and surfaces; even when these are changing
      • Distance-independent measurement even at radial or axial runout
      • Even substantial ambient light will not affect the measurement 
      • Low-maintenance: the sensor does not require a reflector prone to soiling
      • Soiled lens warning (weak received signal) for optimal process support
      • The switching output can be configured as process control output (acting as a limit switch
      Powerful and flexible
      • Precise measurement without complex sensor alignment. The measuring values are displayed directly in millimeters; time-consuming conversion will be handled by the integrated smart algorithms and powerful coordinate transformation
      • Cost reduction in system planning and commissioning by allowing flexible sensor installation in any position with a lateral angle of +/- 30 °
    • Mounting kit X7 90°

      Mounting kit for standard installation at an angle of 90° to the reference surface.

      Art. Nr. 11120705

      Mounting kit  X7 30° vertical

      Mounting kit for ±30° angled installation with vertical mounting.

      Art. Nr. 11126837

      ESW 33FH0200G - connection cable angled

      Connection cable 2 m shielded with female connector M12, 8-pin, angled

      Art. Nr. 11126837

    • Mounting kit  X7 30° horizontal

      Mounting kit for ±30° angled installation with horizontal mounting.

      Art. Nr. 11126836

      ESG 34FH0200G - connection cable straight

      Connection cable 2 m shielded with female connector M12, 8-pin, straight