Measurement of round objects

Light section sensor PosCon CM measure outer diameters up to 130 mm

PosCon CM is the perfect solution for measuring center position, diameter as well as out positions of round objects with an outer diameter of 30 to 130 mm. The sensor requires neither a reflector nor external software. Thanks to the factory calibration, the measured values are automatically determined in mm.

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  • Portfolio
    • PosCon CM – for outer diameters up to 130 mm

      • Resolution of up to > 30 µm 
      • Ambient light immunity <25kLux
      • Diameter: 30 … 130 mm
      • Interface: analog and RS485

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    Areas of application
    • Precise measurement of center position

      • For exact positioning of robots or tools like vacuum lifters

      Diameter measurement

      PosCon CM measures the diameter of objects with an outside diameter between 30 and 130 mm. On the basis of the measurements, objects with a diameter outside a defined standard can be automatically sorted out. 

      Precise positioning

      PosCon CM allows an efficient object orientation check during production (e.g. positioning of yogurt cups during filling process). 

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