Linear bearingless encoders for cost-effective linear measurement

Contactless, robust and precise.

Baumer linear measuring system offers non-contact and virtually wear-free operation based on the magnetic measuring principle. Their durability and compactness make them particularly well suited for cost-effective positioning and position measurement in any type of application.

  • Portfolio
    • MIL10

      • Compact housing only 10 mm wide
      • Resolution up to 0.005 mm
      • Incremental output signals
      • Unlimited measuring length
    Special features
    • Incredibly unaffected by soiling, humidity, shocks and vibrations
    • Stainless steel cover for magnetic tape protects against mechanical wear or solar radiation
    Areas of application
    • Position measurement and positioning of stop pins in wood-working and metal-working machines
    • Monitoring of carriage position in electric or pneumatic linear motion drives
    • Positioning of processing units, e.g. laser or waterjet cutting
    Key features
    • Completely non-contact and virtually wear-free
    • Compact housing (10-mm wide sensing head and magnetic tape)
    • Unlimited measuring length
    • Incremental output signals
    • Protection class IP67
    • Easy installation and mounting
    • Large installation tolerance
    • Sensor distance up to 0.6 mm