"One generation more intuitive"

VeriSens® vision sensors for automation technology

VeriSens® is a compact image processing system in the shape of a sensor. Typical applications among many others are packaging and quality inspection. As an inline solution, different product features can be easily verified directly after a manufacturing step so that defective parts can be sorted out immediately.  

Flexibility and versatility of image based part verification is a must for many users today. VeriSens® is the ideal component. As a complete image processing system, it includes all necessary hardware and software. It can be configured intuitively using a PC. 

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  • Product Ranges
    • VeriSens® models 510 / 700 / 800

      Vision sensors with twice the processing speed and integrated Industrial Ethernet.



      VeriSens® ID Series

      These read matrix codes, bar codes and optionally even text, and interpret it (OCR/OCV).


      VeriSens® XF Series

      Feature checking of up to 32 features concurrently, as well as integrated 360° position detection, lighting and 10 mm/16 mm lens.


      VeriSens® IP 69K

      The VeriSens® with stainless steel housing for typical applications in the foodstuffs, drinks, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries.


    • VeriSens® CS Series

      The entry level model for feature checking in Check & Sort applications.


      VeriSens® XC Series

      With integrated flash controller, C-mount connection for lenses, CCD sensor technology and modular tube system.


      VeriSens® Gateways

      The VeriSens® Industrial Ethernet gateways with integrated switch allows for PROFINET or EtherNet/IP™ networking of up to four VeriSens® vision sensors with serial communication interface (RS485).


    Key Features
      • FEX® image processor and FEXLoc® part recognition
      • Intuitive configuration via PC (Ethernet)
      • Selected models with integrated Industrial Ethernet
      • IP 67 metal housing for industrial environments
      • Built-in LED lighting
      • Five digital I/Os (depending on version, also RS485)
    Areas of Application
      • Presence check
      • Position detection
      • Size checking (angle, lengths, thicknesses, heights, inclination)
      • Edge detection
      • Item detection
      • Position detection and checking
      • Shape/size recognition
      • Reading text/codes (OCR/OCV)
      • Completeness checks
      • Pick & place
    Special feature

    VeriSens® combines state-of-the-art image processing technologies such as the patented FEX® image processor as well as the FEXLoc® parts recognition. The intuitive and unified user interface was created based on customer feedback.

    • VeriSens® Application Suite