Capacitive sensors measure all media highly accurately

Material-independent object and filling level detection

Capacitive sensors can detect metallic, non-metallic, transparent, opaque, liquid and solid, conductive and non-conductive substances reliably without the need for contact. They are thus well suited to detecting diverse objects or also bulk goods and liquids. These "all-rounders" are available in a large number of different designs and versions, and can also be implemented in very flat and space-saving designs.

  • Portfolio
    • Capacitive sensor for level detection

      Level detection

      • Detection with material contact or not
      • Detection possible through a container
      • Suitable for liquids, granules and bulk goods


    • Capacitive sensor for object detection

      Object detection

      • Surface-independent measuring principle
      • Flat shape allows space-saving installation
      • Detection possible for the smallest objects


    Areas of application
    • Liquid level monitoring of return flow tanks in laboratory automation

      • Fast and easy sensor installation outside of tanks
      • Long service life thanks to robust housing
      • Several self-definable monitoring areas thanks to easy cascading

      Ink level detection in offset printing machines

      • Level detection in direct contact with the liquid
      • Dirt and drop retention is suppressed by the sensor
      • Easy and safe functional principle

      Wafer detection in solar cell manufacturing facilities

      • Reliable wafer detection thanks to large sensing distances
      • Flush mounting possible thanks to flat design
      • Detection regardless of transparency and brightness of the objects

      Granule level detection in injection molding plants

      • Robust design protects the sensors from mechanical wear
      • Surface-independent detection
      • Fast and easy installation

      Level monitoring in bottling plants

      • Detection through packaging
      • Quality control of closed packaging at the end of the process possible
      • Color-independent detection increases process safety
    Key features
    • Contactless

      • Reliable object detection with sensing distances up to 30 mm
      • No sensor damage due to aggressive media
      • Medium is not contaminated by the sensor

      No matter what material

      • Reliable detection of conductive and non-conductive materials
      • Failure-free detection of highly transparent and opaque materials
      • Reliable detection even on optically reflecting surfaces


      • Protected installation outside of the container possible
      • Closed sensor front increases service life in case of contact with liquids
      • High wear resistance of the housing increases sensor service life in case of contact with granules