Object detection with capacitive sensors

Non-contact detection of metallic, non-metallic, transparent, opaque, liquid and solid substances.

Capacitive sensors can detect all kinds of objects without any problems. The surface finish, color or shape of the object is irrelevant. The better the level of conductivity and grounding of an object is, the higher is the level of signal reserves and detection reliability. Many capacitive sensors can be flush mounted and are thus are suitable for protected, space-saving installation.

  • Portfolio
    • Object detection

      • Contactless, color and shape-independent measuring principle
      • Sensing distances of up to 30 mm
      • Flush-mountable sensors for space-saving and protected installation
      • Detection possible for the smallest objects

      Smart installation solution

      • Flexible installation with unique mounting frame
      • Sensor easily snaps in and out without tools
      • Cascading several sensors is possible


    • Bulkgoods

      • Contactless, color and shape-independent measuring principle
      • Rugged metal housing for extra-long service life
      • Protected sensor installation outside of the container possible
      • Measuring in completely closed systems possible from the outside
    Application tasks
    • Object detection/bulk goods

      The sensors for object detection and bulk goods feature an extremely wear-resistant housing. Especially in case of contact with granules, this minimizes wear and increases service life. Reliable detection of conductive or non-conductive objects does not depend on the material. The sensors can detect anything regardless of color, brightness or surface finish.  Sensing distances of up to 30 mm are possible for contactless detection.

    Areas of application
    • Presence detection of plastic containers

      • Easy installation of the sensor in a protected position
      • Large sensing distances ensure reliable box detection
      • Resistant to dust and dirt

      Wafer detection in solar cell manufacturing facilities

      • Reliable wafer detection thanks to large sensing distances
      • Flush mounting possible thanks to flat design
      • Detection regardless of transparency and brightness of the objects

      Detection of granule bulk goods in injection molding plants

      • Robust design protects the sensors from mechanical wear
      • Surface-independent detection
      • Fast and easy installation