Inductive hygienic and washdown sensors for food & beverage

Certified and reliable – Available in two different housing designs for a variety of machine zones.

The food & beverage industry has stringent requirements with regard to the impermeability of sensors. The proven Bauer proTect+ impermeability surpasses IP69K requirements. The IFRR and IWRR product family featuring the new washdown design with a V4A stainless steel housing is designed for direct use in the splash zone. The hygienic design makes the IFBR sensor family predestined for food zone applications and even complies to stringent EU regulations.

ECOLAB, EHEDG and FDA certificates required for the food & beverage industry round off the scope of services provided by this family.

  • Portfolio
    • Hygienic sensors IFBR

      • EHEDG-certified hygienic design with smooth surfaces that repel contaminants
      • Wide range of switching distances: from 3 mm to 12 mm
      • Various connector and cable types

      Distance-measuring sensors IWRR

      • Precise analog output signal
      • Robust washdown design that allows intensive cleaning
      • Low temperature drift despite wide operating temperature range
      • Completely integrated processing electronics
    • Washdown sensors IFRR

      • Robust, washdown design that allows intensive cleaning
      • Wide range of switching distances: from 3 mm to 12 mm
      • Various connector and cable types

      Hygienic bracket HI

      • For easy hygienic (EHEDG-certified) fastening of inductive sensors
      • Compatible with product family IFBR
      • Available in the diameters 6, 11 and 17 mm
    Areas of application

    • Hygienic design for the food area (IFBR)

      EHEDG certified design, 100% gap-free to prevent formation of bacterial residue that could enter the food production flow.

      Washdown design for the splash zone (IFRR and IWRR)

      Sensors for the splash zone meet the same strict criteria as sensors for the food area. However, the spatial arrangement prevents residue from entering the food production flow from this zone. As a result, conventional mechanical mounting of these sensors is possible with two through-holes.

    Special Feature
    • Unique proTect+ impermeability concept

      Guarantees 100% impermeability after many temperature cycles, a long service life, and high reliability.

      Stainless steel housing V4A with protection class IP 69K

      For incredible robustness and a long service life.

      Ecolab-tested and FDA-compliant

      For reliable chemical resistance to cleaning agents and consistent use of materials that conform to food standards and regulations

      Integral hygienic design

      Of sensors and fitting accessories meets design guidelines for hygienic applications, enables them to be used in immediate proximity to food, and simplifies the certification process for machines.

      High temperature range

      Facilitates versatile use and results in long service life even at high temperatures, e.g. in CIP processes.

      Laser inscription

      Ensures that the sensor can always be clearly identified.

    Key features
    • All Baumer food & beverage sensors offer the following benefits:


      • Long-term seal thanks to proTect+ design (higher standard than IP69K)
      • Durable laser marking
      • EHEDG-certified housing design


      • Wide application temperature range from -40° C to 80° C
      • High cleaning temperature up to 100° C


      • High-quality V4A housing and chemical-resistant LCP front cap
      • Proven high chemical resistance (ECOLAB-certified)
      • FDA-compliant materials