Magnetic proximity switches

Precise for sensing distances of up to 60 mm

Magnetic proximity switches detect magnetic fields at greater distances of up to 60 mm, even through non-ferromagnetic materials like stainless steel. Depending on the permanent magnets used, different sensing distances can be implemented. The permanent magnet can be installed independent of polarity and with large tolerances, which allows many different installation options, even in cramped spaces. Precise switching is thus guaranteed even when used in dirty or damp environments. This means that applications in cranes or heavy vehicles are also easy to implement.

  • Areas of application
    • Liquid level detection using a float carried magnet

      • Non-invasive detection through the tank wall without direct media contact and contamination by the sensor
      • Level detection unaffected by foam and soiling
      • Quick and easy sensor installation by cable ties


      Monitoring final positions of telescopic outriggers

      • Safe detection impervious to humidity and dirt
      • Optionally with full-metal sensor and/or magnet encapsulation for improved protection
      • Versatile application possibilities thanks to extended switching distance


      Stroke limitation in hydraulic cylinders

      • The piston-carried permanent magnet is detected from the outside of the cylinder
      • Dependable piston feedback unaffected by other metal components
      • Substantially eased maintenance since the sensor is installed outside the closed high-pressure system
    General information


    Magnetoresistive proximity switches detect the magnetic fields of permanent magnets. Depending on size and material of the deployed permanent magnet, the sensors provide different switching distance capabilities.

    Special properties
      • Contactless detection principle
        • Complete metal enclosure of sensor and/or magnet possible to protect them, even with stainless steel
        • Large sensing distances of up to 60 mm
      • Reliable detection without interference by dirt accumulation or moisture