Photoelectric sensors for countless applications

They don't miss a thing – object detection, color recognition, component counting, filling level monitoring.

Thanks to their small, precise light spots, their high speed and their versatility, they have been solving even the most difficult application tasks for decades. We offer photoelectric solutions for all detection applications in industrial automation: with light barriers, scanners, differential sensors, optical fibers, color and contrast sensors by Baumer, you are always well equipped.

  • Portfolio
    • O300/O500 Light barriers and diffuse sensors

      • More than 2500 sensor variants 
      • Hygienic and washdown types
      • Transparent detection
      • IO-Link



      • The first light barrier without a reflector
      • Reliable object detection and reduced operating costs
      • Different versions to meet your industry's requirements


      Miniature sensors 

      • For a high degree of automation with low space requirement
      • Just as powerful as a larger model
      • Completely integrated electronics


      Series 14 

      • The sensor family for a wide range of applications
      • Red light and laser sensors
      • Laser sensors in laser class 1

      Hygienic and washdown design of sensors 

      • EHEDG-certified, FDA-compliant, Ecolab-tested
      • Long-term seal as per IP 69K thanks to the proTect+ impermeability concept
      • Unique mechanical mounting


      Light barriers 

      • Through beam, retro-reflective, and SmartReflect light barriers
      • Retro-reflective sensors with autocollimation to detect objects behind drill holes
      • Light barriers to detect transparent objects


      Fork/angle light barriers 

      • A through beam sensor in a device
      • No adjustment of emitter and receiver
      • Adjustment of emitter and receiver not affected by machine vibration

      Level detection 

      • Sensors for contactless level detection in ascending pipes
      • Robust, chemically resistant sensors for direct contact
      • Suppress foam and air bubbles that are up to 3 mm in size


    • OR18 - efficient M18 light barriers and sensors

      • Low-cost M18 sensors in standard housings
      • Five sensor principles for ideal solutions
      • Plastic and stainless steel housings with IP 67 and IP 69K


      Series 25

      • The new sensor solution for long-range applications.
      • Non-hazardous laser class 1
      • SmartReflect™ light barrier, diffuse sensor with background suppression

      Series 07 

      • The world's smallest adjustable photoelectric sensor
      • All light barrier and diffuse sensor versions in miniature housings

      Series 10 

      • Compact and powerful
      • Red light and laser sensors
      • Different application-optimized beam shapes

      Diffuse sensors 

      • Energetic diffuse sensors
      • Diffuse sensors with background suppression detect objects independent of shape and color

      Difference sensors 

      • For monitoring positional tolerances
      • Object identification on moving conveyor belts
      • Detect minimum and maximum deviations in the process


      Contrast sensors 

      • Print mark detection and demanding intensity differences
      • Focused, fast, diverse
      • For minimum space and maximum range


      Fiber optic sensors & cables 

      • Plastic and glass versions
      • PTFE-coated for protection against aggressive media
      • Large selection of sensing heads


    Areas of application
      • Presence check
      • Item detection
      • Color detection
      • Printing mark detection
      • Counting
    Key features
      • High precision
      • Simple system integration
        • Objects can be detected depending on the material or independently of the material
      • Reliable function
      • Many different beam shapes and light sources improve your options in your application
        • Established, well-known technology
    Special feature

    In the field of photoelectric sensors, Baumer plays a leading technical role in the solution of demanding detection tasks. In the past few years, we have repeatedly managed to set new standards, for example with the smallest diffuse sensor with background suppression, the smallest programmable photoelectric sensors or the first light barrier without a separate reflector/receiver. We are also world market leaders in the field of copy counters for the printing and packaging industry.