Contrast sensors

A boundless contrast program

Contrast sensors can solve far more problems than widely known print mark detection. For example they can detect indentations, slots and edges. They can position everything, from the food can before filling to the smallest PCB. Or they can distinguish polished and unpolished surfaces through the contrast.

We have some highlights in our portfolio, not only for print mark detection but also for the other applications of a contrast sensor.

  • Portfolio
    • Small laser contrast sensors

      • With a highly focused light beam for highly accurate detection
      • Variant with laser line beam can suppress material impurities

      Compact white light contrast sensor

      • For fast print mark detection
      • Cost-effective solution for all colors of print marks
    • Laser contrast sensors with an additional analog output

      • As well as the digital switching signal, it gives deviations from the desired set points depending on their strength
      • Detects gradual changes, e.g. when polishing surfaces
    Special features

    When other sensors reach their limits because the parts to be detected are too small, contrast sensors often represent a kind of secret weapon. By means of intensity differences they can detect even the smallest surfaces, for example the isolation layers in commutators, which are positioned during the production of electric motors.

    Our tip

    Our tip for especially space-saving contrast detection

    Fiber optic sensor with optical fiber + focusing lens = contrast sensor solution for critical applications in cramped spaces.

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