Miniaturized optical sensor technology

Our smallest ones

For applications in cramped spaces, Baumer offers various photoelectric miniature sensors for convincing and precise solutions.

  • Portfolio
    • World's smallest adjustable photoelectric sensor

      • Complete series of diffuse sensors and light barriers
      • Adjustable sensing distances
    • Sensor that can be integrated in rails

      • Precise background suppression
      • No additional space required because the sensor can be integrated in profiles
      • FHDK 04: smallest sensor on the market with real background suppression
        (4 x 6 x 45 mm)
      • Smallest line of sensors with an adjustable switching distance (MINOS)
      • Smallest laser sensors with background suppression and adjustable sensing distance (OHDK 10)
      • Series 10 miniatures: widest range of products with the best performance

      Whether through teach-in keys or potentiometers: all sensors (even the smallest) can be easily and precisely configured according to the application

      Sensors with beam diameters of up to 0.1 mm can identify the smallest objects or detect parts with the utmost precision regardless of color or objects in the background.

      • Large selection of different plastic and glass fiber optics for solving even the most difficult applications
      • Custom designed fiber optic heads
      • Different fiber optic amplifiers: device ranging from easily adjustable to powerful with multiple modes