Top performance for fast processes and smallest objects

O300 miniature laser sensors

Thanks to their small and very accurate 0.1 mm light beam, O300 laser sensors allow the reliable detection of tiny objects as well as of parts positioned close together. With a fast response time of < 0.1 ms and their high repeatability, the sensors fit perfectly to fast processes.

  • Maximum system performance thanks to precise control of fast processes  and focused, 0.1 mm small laser spot
  • Increased product and process quality due to very precise positioning of small objects
  • Stainless steel sensors ensure a high process reliability in demanding environments
  • Simple design and set-up
  • Portfolio
    • O300 Laser - Diffuse sensor with background suppression

      • Range up to  250 mm
      • Response time < 0,25 ms
      • Largely independent of color 

      O300 Laser - SmartReflect®, the  light barrier without reflector

      • Range up to  250 mm
      • Response time < 0,25 ms
      • Reliable object detection independent of color, shape or surface 
      • Fast and easy set-up
      • Reduced downtimes thanks to absence of reflector

      O300 Laser - Retro-reflective sensor

      • Rang up to  5000 mm
      • Response time < 0,1 ms
      • Reliable detection of objects located at any position on a conveyor belt 
      • Detection through small openings

      O300 Laser in Washdown Design

      • Robust IP 68/69K stainless steel housing 
      • Ecolab tested, resistant to aggressive cleaning agents
      • Excellent resistance thanks to Baumer impermeability concept proTect+ 
    • O300 Laser - Diffuse sensor with intensity difference

      • Range up to 250 mm
      • Response time < 0,1 ms 
      • Simple printing mark detection  
      • Relatively large active range

      O300 Laser - Through Beam sensor

      • Large range up to 75 Meter  
      • Response time < 0,49 ms 
      • Very precise detection along the entire sensor line 
      • High excess gain

      O300 Laser with IO-Link

      • Easy, automated parameterization for fast format changes
      • Low costs thanks to standard network components
      • Evaluation of additional sensor data

      O300 Laser in Hygienic Design

      • Groove-free IP 68/69K stainless steel housing  
      • EHEDG and FDA-compliant, Ecolab tested 
      • Excellent resistance thanks to Baumer impermeability concept proTect+ 
    Areas of application
    • High-precision positioning of objects in the production process
    • Control of equipment and tools
    • Mounting inspection of smallest electronic parts
    • Detection and positioning of wafer edges in microelectronic manufacturing
    • Format control in the printing industry at extremely fast conveying speeds
    • Detection of the smallest object differences and object changes
    • High-precision processing control, e.g. when cutting packages
    • Detection of very thin plates and sheets with the slightest difference in height from the conveyor belt
    • IIoT ready for Industry 4.0

      IO-Link is a globally standardized interface for bidirectional transmission of identification, process and parameter data. It allows O300 laser sensors to be adjusted quickly and easily for applications using standard network components. In addition, IO-Link offers the possibility of providing additional data, e.g. for predictive maintenance processes.