SmartReflect® – light barriers without reflectors

The most reliable and most comfortable means of object identification.

With SmartReflect® Baumer has reinvented the optical light barrier: The reflector as the weak point is eliminated and highly reliable object detection is still guaranteed. That reduces your costs tremendously. Since every interruption of the light beam by any object is detected thanks to the SmartReflect® principle, the SmartReflect® light barrier can reliably detect objects independent of their shape, color or surface finish.

Detection of transparent objects without compromises

When it comes to transparent object detection, SmartReflect® is the only sensor in its class to detect transparent objects of any shape or structure up to a distance of 1 meter with a short response time of 0,25ms. Thanks to the integration of the IO-Link interface which allows fast format changes, the easy installation as well different housing designs in plastic, hygienic and washdown designs make SmartReflect® the ideal solution even in high demanding environments.

Your advantages

  • Highly reliable object detection thanks to the sensor principle independent of their shape, color or surface finish.
  • Precise detection of transparent objects.
  • Fast and easy installation
  • High functional reliability and greater process safety through elimination of the reflector as the weak point
  • Reduction of operating costs through elimination of the reflector
  • Portfolio
    • Transparency detection

      • Reliable detection of trays, PET bottles, foils
      • Plastic, hygienic and washdown design
      • Detection range up to 1000mm
      • IO-Link

      O300/O500 Light barriers and diffuse sensors

      • More than 2500 sensor variants 
      • Hygienic and washdown types
      • Transparent detection
      • IO-Link


      Ultra-subminiature housing for extremely limited spaces

      • Sensing distance adjustable via Teach-in 
      • Cable rear side 
      • Suppression of mutual optical interference

      Serie 14 with plastic housing

      • Short response time 
      • Sensing distance adjustable via Teach-in 
      • IP67 
      • IO-Link
    • Hygienic / Washdown Design

      • Planning flexibility
      • 100% hygienic (EHEDG-certified)
      • Long term seal (IP69K, Baumer proTect+)
      • IO-Link

      ONDK 25 for long ranges up to 2 m

      • Laser class 1 
      • Easy and comfortable teaching with qTeach®
      • IP67

      Cylindrical OR18 Sensors

      • Reliable detection of many different  materials
      • Suitable for environments susceptible to dirt 
      • Exact positioning and detection of small parts


    Areas of application
    • Detection of transparent Objects

      New O300 and O500 SmartReflect® Transparent sensors set new benchmarks in transparent object detection. They are the only light barriers in their class to detect transparent objects of any shape or structure up to a distance of 1 meter and a response time of only 0.25 ms. Both sizes are available in robust plastic and high-end stainless steel design. Whether standard, hygienic or washdown environment - SmartReflect® Transparent is the optimum solution for any packaging application. 


      Industrial automation

      In plant and machinery in the packaging industry, installation and handling technology or the graphic industry, SmartReflect™ light barriers ensure a reduction in operating costs and highest reliability.  Independent of the sensor type (NextGen, ultra-subminiature housing for extremely limited spaces or ranges up to 2 m); SmartReflect® sensors are always the best choice.


      Food and beverage

      SmartReflect® light barriers in hygienic and wash-down design are some of the first EHEDG certified photoelectric sensors on the market. Your advantages: Ecolab approved, FDA compliant and sealed housing (protection class IP69K and Baumer proTect+), no HACCPs.

    • An award-winning solution

      SmartReflect® having been awarded several times is our incentive to leverage more innovations with further added value and product benefits.

      Frost & Sullivan - Best Practices Award

      The yearly Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award is based on a detailed market analysis. The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices team of industry experts identifies companies, products and executives that have achieved world-class performances.

      The conclusion of the analyst have been:

      • The features of Baumer Group’s SmartReflect, such as a unique design, high precision, and robustness combined with very fast ROI make these light barrier solutions extremely attractive to a broad spectrum of end-users and markets.
      • This innovative solution overcomes challenges associated with the conventional light barriers, such as high-installation costs, and complicated maintenance processes.
      • Baumer Group’s new product brings numerous benefits for industrial customers and is a proof of how technological innovations can significantly improve productivity in manufacturing.

      MM Award

      The MM Award is presented by magazine MM machinery market in six categories for outstanding product and performance innovations.  Awarded are products with benchmarking technology to provide the user with maximum economic benefits and which caused a “wow” effect among the jury members. SmartReflect® was awarded No.1 in the sensor category. 

      Automation Award 2011

      The most important prize in automation is awarded at SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg/Germany. The jury – composed of members of the congressional committee SPS IPC Drives, VDMA, ZVEI and the editorial office of magazine electro automation - nominates 10 products. During the time of the exhibition, the visitors vote on their favorite product novelty from this “Top 10”.  SmartReflect™ fended off all competitive sensor products.

      MessTec&Sensor Master Award

      The editorial office of media partner "MessTec drives Automation" recognises particular product novelties with their MessTec & Sensor Master Award. The readership jury votes on the product innovation to be awarded in the measurement technology and sensor sector. First place winner was SmartReflect™ by Baumer.

      Industriepreis „Optische Technologien”

      Introduced in 2006 by Huber Publishing for New Media, the Industry Award recognises economic, social, technological and ecological aspects of a product which are evaluated by a jury made up of professors, industry experts and scientists. SmartReflect™ has been nominated in the category “Optical Technologies”.