Precision mechanical switches My-Com®

Micrometer precision: 70 times more accurate than a hair is thick!

With a repeat accuracy of 1 micron, the My-Com® remains undisputedly the most accurate and most compact mechanical switch in the world. The standard My-Com® range of the most diverse mechanical and electric types largely reflects the requirements of the market. With its extremely compact design, the My-Com® can also be easily integrated in very constrained surroundings.

  • Portfolio
    • Robust 

          • My-Coms of protection class IP 67
          • Selection of activating pins made of steel, ruby & zirconium oxide

      With amplifier 

      • PNP/NPN three-wire design
      • Normally open (NO)
      • 50 mA maximum switching current
    • Purely mechanical 

      • Different housing shapes
      • Zirconium oxide activating pin
      • Normally closed (NC)

      For lateral approach 

      • Spherical steel activating pin
      • Lateral approach angle 30° max
      • Effective direction NO or NC
    Areas of application
    • Typical applications for the My-Com® high-precision switches are:

      • „„„„Reference point setting in X/Y tables and machine tools
      • Monitoring of the closing and locking accuracy of injection molding dies
      • Detection of the smallest deflections, movements and deformations
      • Integration in measuring sensors, gauges and activating pins
      • „„Calibration of measuring instruments in quality control
      • Monitoring of surface roughness
      • Other applications in precision mechanical engineering


      Precision finishing

      Referencing XY-tables on machine tools


      Quality control

      • Concentricity check in measuring gauge
      • „„Checking parts for correct thickness
      • „„Monitoring concentricity


      Laboratory test setups

      • Referencing mirrors and beam-splitters
      • „„Home position sensor
      • „„Precision referencing
    Special features
    • Rigorous attention was paid to the design of the My-Com® precision switch to reduce the number of components to an absolute minimum. Just three moving parts and high-quality materials guarantee a large number of switching operations with constant repeat accuracy. Short, linear displacements in just two directions and low activating forces further increase the reliability and service life of the My-Com® precision switch. The My-Com® has proven its impressive reliability in over 1 million applications.

      0,001 mm repeat accuracy

      Ensured reliable repeat accuracy of one micrometer makes My-Com® the most precise limit switch in the world. The mechanical device – with a service life of 10 million switching operations – provides ultra-precise reference signals for most diverse applications.

      1 μm accuracy even in harsh environments

      My-Com® precision switches retain their ultimate precision even under most adverse conditions. Viton and silicone gaskets prevent the gold-plated contacts from impairment by dirt, dust and condensation and thus ensure constant micrometer switching precision throughout the entire service life.

      Housing fronts and product variants

      My-Com® high-precision switches excel by ultra-compact design merged with big product variety. - Conical and tapered housing fronts

      • Activating force configurable from 30 cN tp 250 cN according to application
      • Spherical hard metal or ruby tips for lateral approach
      • Integrated amplifier with LED for 50 mA load current (PLC)