Miniature ultrasonic sensors – the world's smallest and lightest

The narrow sonic cone profiles enable the sensors to look and measure into smallest cavities.

The SONUS ultrasound sensors from Baumer are real masterpieces of miniaturization. They are the smallest and simultaneously lightest ultrasound sensors on the market and offer surprisingly large measuring ranges.

Product highlights:

  • Weight 4g
  • Sensing distance up to 200 mm
  • Configurable via teach-in on sensor
  • Available as plug M8, cable and cable-plug M8
  • Portfolio
    • Distance measuring

      • Sensing distance of 20 ... 200 mm
      • Resolution of < 0.3 mm
      • Output signal 0 ... 10 V / 10 V ... 0 V

      Operating principle
      Based on the pulse echo technique, the measured distance value is output as a voltage value.

      Reflective barrier

      • No blind region
      • Sensing distance of 0 ... 200 mm
      • Lateral positioning accuracy < 1.5 mm
      • Output circuit PNP or NPN, programmable normally closed contact / normally open contact

      Operating principle
      Similar to a light barrier, however no special reflector is required. An arbitrary machine part is used to reflect the sound.

    • Proximity sensor

      • Sensing distance of 10 ... 200 mm
      • Repeat accuracy < 0.3 mm
      • Output circuit PNP or NPN, programmable normally closed contact / normally open contact

      Operating principle
      Similar to a diffuse sensor with background suppression, the presence of an object is detected by means of acoustic reflection on the object surface.


      Wide range of accessories

      • Sensofix
      • Mounting brackets (U-, L-shape)
      • Mounting plates
      • Sonic deflectors
    Areas of application
    • Liquid level detection

      Miniaturized ultrasonic sensors are ideally suited to measure liquid levels in small containers. The miniature housing design allows the installation of several sensors in close proximity.

      Height measurement

      Miniature ultrasonic sensors reliably measure the distance to the object, regardless of surface color, reflectivity or transparency.

      Detection into small openings

      Sensors equipped with special beam columnators facilitate the detection of objects and liquids through very small container openings.

    Special feature

    The smallest and lightest one

    With a housing dimension of 10 x 14 x 27 mm, the sensor has a volume of just 3.78 cm3 and weighs only 4 grams.

    The hard-wearing one

    • Unaffected by dirt, moisture, mist, light effects
    • No problems with brightness, transparency, different colors

    The versatile series

    The small SONUS housing not only accommodates ultrasound sensors in various versions but is also available with photoelectric sensors. The ultrasound sensors also come in red light or laser versions which make the 10 series extremely versatile.

    Versions in the 10 series housing:

    Ultrasound sensors:

    Photoelectric sensors:

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