Robust ultrasonic sensors

Reflective barriers, proximity and distance measuring sensors for use in harsh ambient conditions

Our robust UNAR series ultrasound sensors are suitable for the detection of aggressive media in difficult or sensitive environments. They measure acid and lye levels or detect objects accurately in the vicinity of solvents. They do all of this completely reliably thanks to their special design.

Product highlights

  • High chemical resistance thanks to Parylene coating
  • Robust housing of V4A stainless steel
  • FDA-compliant materials
  • Smart teach function
  • Portfolio
    • Reflective barriers

      Operating principle
      Similar to a light barrier, however no special reflector is required. An arbitrary machine part is used to reflect the sound.

      with sound-absorbing objects such as foam and with objects with very irregular surfaces.

      Distance measuring sensors

      Operating principle
      Based on the pulse echo technique, the measured distance value is output as a voltage or current value. The output calibration curve can be output as a decreasing or increasing curve via teach-in.

      For level measurement and object distance measurement or determination of roller diameters and stacking heights.

    • Proximity sensor

      Operating principle
      Similar to a diffuse sensor with background suppression, the presence of an object is detected by means of acoustic reflection on the object surface. The sensing distance is programmed via teach-in.

      Object detection on conveyor belts or presence detection

    Special feature

    V4A stainless steel housing and pressure-resistant sensor front up to 6 bar / 20,000 cycles

    Parylene-coated sensor front durable under extreme environmental conditions

    Ranges up to 1m with a constant resolution of 0.3 mm

    Independent of their color or transparency, are incredibly unaffected by soiling

    Consistent use of FDA-compliant materials

    Areas of application
    • Profile detection of curds during production

      • Presence of cans in aseptic filling machines
      • Level detection in pressure containers up to 6 bar
    • Level measurement in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

    Key features

    Sensing distance: 400 mm / 1000 mm
    Sensor front: Parylene-coated (chemical-resistant)
    Housing: cylindrical M18, V4A stainless steel (1.4435)
    Connection method: plug M12 (plastic)
    Output method: PNP, NPN, current or voltage
    Pressure-resistant sensor front up to 6 bar / 20,000 cycles
    Temperature range: 0…60°C
    Protection class: IP 67