Success principle flexibility

One design – two technologies

With the U500 sensor, the Baumer Group now expands the portfolio of NextGen sensors to ultrasonic technology. Thanks to OneBox Design, the new sensors are identical in design and size with their series O500 photoelectric counterparts. This offers the user maximum flexibility in the planning phase or during later conversion measures.

Video - The new performance category U500

Flexible mounting options

Innovative qTeachTM operation

Metal sleeve for robust mounting

QR code for easy access to operating instructions and data sheets online

Fully visible display LEDs

Same sonic exit position with all sensor principles

Very narrow, symmetrical sonic beam (max. 80 mm diameter at an distance of 500 mm) on a standard target (30 x 30 mm)

Up to 1000 mm range

qTargetTM – systematically aligned measuring axis

  • Portfolio
    • Distance measuring 

      • Sensing distance 100 ... 1000 mm
      • Teachable calibration curve
      • Current and voltage output

      Operating principle
      Based on the pulse echo technique, the measured distance value is output as a voltage value.

      Retro-reflective sensor

      • No blind region
      • Sensing distance 0 ... 1000 mm
      • Push-pull output

      Operating principle
      Similar to a light barrier, however no special reflector is required. An arbitrary machine part is used to reflect the sound.

    • Proximity switch 

      • Sensing distance 100 ... 1000 mm
      • 1-point and window teach
      • Push-pull output

      Operating principle
      Similar to a diffuse sensor with background suppression, the presence of an object is detected by means of acoustic reflection at the object surface.


      • Sensofix
      • Mounting brackets
      • Sonic deflectors
    Reliability and comfort
    • Maximum reliability

      • Expanded reserve capacity for reliable operation under demanding conditions
      • qTeach™ ensures reliable initial set-up
      • Seamlessly integrated electronics increases MTTF values


      • Design-In using a 3D model with integrated transducer
      • Maximum flexibility in the overall planning phase thanks to OneBoxDesign
      • Commissioning through easy and perfectly guided qTeach
      • qTarget™ reduces the adjustment effort during installation thanks to measurement axis alignment

      Low total operating costs

      • Baumer offers added value from planning to operation through simple usage
      • The most economical solution for optical sensor applications.
    Sensor principles
    • Proximity switch
      • Function: Reliable detection of an object within sensor's sensing distance.
      • Application area: Object detection on conveyor belts or presence detection

      Your benefits: Numerous possible applications, independent of object's characteristics or color.

      Distance measuring sensor
      • Function: Detection of the distance from sensor to object
      • Application area: Level measurement, determination of roller diameters and stacking heights

      Your benefits: Precise process control even in difficult environments and with uneven surfaces such as granulates

      Retro-reflective sensors
      • Function: Detection of an object between sensor and reflector
      • Application area: For sound absorbing objects and objects with extremely irregular surfaces

      Your benefits: Reliable object detection with no blind region

    Added value
    • From conception to maintenance – Baumer provides the perfect solution.


      Sensor principle and light source can also be specified at a later stage thanks to Baumer OneBox Design.



      Easy design-in with the aid of 3D models, with integrated optical axis.



      Wide portfolio of sensor principles.



      Fastest installation, thanks to qTarget™ with a precisely-aligned measuring beam and reliable initial set-up with qTeach™.


      Maximum operational reliability thanks to increased reserve capacity



      QR code gives easy access to technical data and operating manuals online.

    • Baumer NextGen sensors – innovations for greater reliability, convenience and optimized total operating costs.

      Baumer qTeach™ – easy to operate, reliable and wear-free. 

      With qTeach™, we are introducing a new, convenient and wear-free Teach procedure. The sensors can be taught-in just by touching them with any ferromagnetic tool. A blue LED light provides clear visual feedback. To prevent user errors, qTeach™ locks autonomously after 5 minutes.


      Baumer qTarget™ - time savings during installation 

      The sensor's measurement beam is aligned at Baumer to the fixing holes by design. This eliminates individual part tolerances, so the measurement beam is aligned with consistent accuracy throughout the entire sensor series.

      Baumer OneBoxDesign – flexibility in planning 

      OneBoxDesign stands for a new Baumer housing design. The Baumer NextGen sensors within the series feature the same dimensions, through-holes and controls for all sensor principles and technologies.

      Maximized range – freedom during development 

      As measured by their dimensions, U500 series sensors have the largest sensing distances and ranges. The larger the range of a compact design, the greater your sensor selection and placement flexibility.

    Areas of application
    • Filling level measurement: 

      The U500 is ideal for measuring filling levels, even in confined spaces, thanks to its narrow sonic beam angle.

      Diameter control: 

      The measuring version of the U500 enables monitoring of the diameter of rolls with very different colors, reflectance and transparency.

      Sag control: 

      Even the sag in transparent films can be precisely monitored by means of a U500.

      Use under harsh conditions: 

      Thanks to its robust transducer, the U500 can also be used under harsh conditions.