New conductivity sensor CombiLyz® AFI4/AFI5

Sensitivity and precision at their best

The CombiLyz® AFI4/AFI5 is an inductive conductivity transmitter for media analysis, differentiation and separation. It is designed to meet industrial and hygienic requirements in applications with medium to high range conductivity.

CombiLyz® consists of a conductivity sensor and a transmitter accommodated in a single, compact housing. CombiLyz® AFI5 is the separated product variant available with different cable lengths.

Processing of variables such as conductivity, media concentration and temperature is with 4…20mA each by both product variants. Thanks to an accuracy of only 1% and a Pt100 temperature sensor, CombiLyz® AFI4 provides fast and reliable data and ensures low total cost of ownership.

  • Portfolio
    • CombiLyz® AFI4

      • Wetted parts in PEEK
      • Compact, food compatible, hygienic design
      • meets 3A requirements, FDA compliant, EHEDG
    • CombiLyz® AFI5

      • Electronics separated from sensor
      • Ideal for placement in confined spaces and for applications with much vibration.
      • Wetted parts in PEEK
      • Compact, food compatible design
      • Meets 3-A requirements, FDA compliant, EHEDG
    Special feature

    CombiLyz® AFI4 features an integrated graphical LCD display with 3 different backlight colors. Conductivity (µS/cm or mS/cm), concentration (%), temperature (°C) and also the customer-specific medium name are conveniently indicated for on-site control. CombiLyz® AFI4 is quickly configured on the spot without a computer using the touch screen. Alternatively sensor programming is also feasible by FlexProgrammer.

    Areas of Application
    • Monitoring CIP and SIP processes
      • Monitoring acid, caustic or salt concentration
        • Phase separation of product/water mixtures in the F&B industry
    Key features
      • Range from 0…500 µS/cm and 0…1000 mS/cm
      • Hygienic and robust design
      • Integrated graphical display CombiView DFON
      • Touch screen
      • Very fast temperature compensation, <15 seconds
      • Easy and quick programming by FlexProgrammer 9701
      • Two active loops 4…20 mA for conductivity or concentration and temperature