"Precise switch off time"

Preset counters and multifunction counters

Trimming, positioning and packaging processes are tasks that require lengths, times or piece counts to be counted, calculated and displayed. But a preset counter can do much more: compare values, determine differences, display control factors and communicate with superordinate control systems via serial interfaces.

  • Portfolio
    • Electronic preset counters and multifunctional counters

      • With or without batch counter, totalizer and timer function
      • Max. 6-digit or 8-digit LED or LCD display
      • 1, 2 or 2+1 presets
      • RS interfaces, analog output
      • Built-in housing

      Electromechanical preset counters

      • Adding or subtracting pulse counters
      • Max. 6-digit number wheel counter
      • Reset function
      • Built-in housing
    • Mechanical preset counters

      • Stroke, meter and revolution counters
      • Adding or subtracting
      • Max. 5-digit number wheel counter
      • Reset function
      • Surface-mount housing
    Special features
    • Large selection of devices for fast and slow counting operations
    • Broad application for many industry-specific uses
    • Extensive selection of mechanical, electromechanical and electronic counters
    Areas of Application
    • Piece count in production machines
    • Piece length control for cables, textiles, metal or wood
    • Measured data recording with tolerance monitoring
    • Measured data recording with area limitation
    • Linear measurement on calibrated measuring devices
    Key features
    • For digital signals
    • For single- and dual-channel encoder systems
    • Configurable by specific application
    • Easy-to-read displays
    • User-friendly and practical operation
    • Reliable, durable and robust
    • Value retention in the event of power failure
    • Digital and/or floating outputs
    • Short response times
    • High repeat accuracy
    • Interface options, for example, for automation of measuring tasks