"Reliably keeping pace."

Electronic tachometers

Speed, velocity and cycle rates are significant factors in today's production facilities that need to be monitored and displayed. In doing so, the combined measuring methods from period duration and gate time measurement ensure precise results. Freely programmable pulse evaluation facilitates display in the desired unit.

  • Portfolio
    • Electronic tachometers

      • 1 or 2 frequency inputs
      • 6-digit LCD or LED display
      • Calculating functions, optional limit outputs
      • Optional analog output and RS interface
      • Built-in housing
    Special features
    • Period duration measurement
    • Easy-to-read displays
    • 6-digit LED or LCD display
    • With one or two frequency inputs
    • Versions with calculating functions
    Areas of application

    Display and monitoring of

    • Speed
    • Processing speed
    • Cycle rates
    • Torsion
    • Stretching, shrinking, slip
    Key features
    • For digital inputs
    • Versions with limits as digital and/or floating outputs
    • Versions with analog output
    • Space-saving designs 48 x 24 mm, 48 x 48 mm and 96 x 48 mm
    • All common voltage supplies VAC or VDC
    • Interface options, for example, for monitoring functions