"Time is money."

Time and hour meters

Time and hour meters are suitable for production areas where usage times of machines, equipment and devices are supposed to be displayed. Versions with preset and control outputs as well as an RS interface are available for time-controlled processes.

  • Portfolio
    • Electronic time and hour counters

      • 100 ppm accuracy
      • With or without preset
      • LED or LCD displays
      • Selectable time ranges
      • With or without RS interface
    • Electromechanical time and hour counters

      • Reliable detection without reset option
      • 7-digit number wheel counter
      • Measuring range up to 999999.9 h
      • VAC or VDC voltage supply
    Special features
    • Electromechanical and electronic versions
    • Electronic counters with or without reset function
    • Versions with 1 or 2 presets
    Areas of application
    • Recording operating hours, machine and processing times
    • Time control
    • Short-time measurement
    • Controlling mixing times
    • Furnace controls
    • Service life measurement
    • Displaying warranty periods
    • Invoicing of leasing/loans
    Key features
    • Digital control
    • Versions with preset as digital and/or floating output
    • User-friendly and practical operation
    • Space-saving designs 48 x 24 mm or 48 x 48 mm
    • All common voltage supplies VAC, VDC or battery powered