"How much, how long, how often?"

Totalizers and position displays

Unit counting is a process that is repeated thousands of times in every production operation. The totalizer plays a significant role in supporting quantitative control, but the counter can also be used in combination with an encoder to record and display lengths and positions.

  • Portfolio
    • Electronic totalizers

      • Adding or subtracting
      • Max 6-digit LED or 8-digit LCD display
      • With or without reset function
      • Built-in housing

      Electromechanical totalizers

      • Adding pulse counter
      • Max. 8-digit number wheel counter
      • With or without reset button
      • Built-in housing

      Electronic position displays

      • LCD or LED displays
      • For SSI or incremental signals
      • Built-in housing
    • Mechanical totalizers

      • Adding stroke, meter and revolution counters
      • Max. 7-digit number wheel counter
      • With or without reset
      • Surface-mount housing

      Mechanical hand-held counters 

      • Adding
      • 4-digit display
      • Metal or plastic housing
      • With supporting ring or wall/table mount
    Special features
    • Large selection of devices for fast and slow counting operations
    • Broad application for many industry-specific uses
    • Extensive selection of mechanical, electromechanical and electronic counters
    Areas of application
    • Production counting
    • Event counting
    • Cycle counting
    • Revolution counting
    • Person counting
    • Flow rate display
    • Totalizing of two parallel production lines
    • Consumption measurement
    Key features
    • For digital signals
    • For single- and dual-channel encoder systems
    • Configurable by specific application
    • Easy-to-read displays
    • User-friendly and practical operation
    • Reliable, durable and robust
    • Value retention in the event of power failure
    • Position displays for incremental and SSI encoders
    • Scalable measuring value
    • Interface options, for example, for automation of measuring tasks