"Implementing customer-specific requirements cost-efficiently"

Baumer force sensors and strain sensors ensure precision, maximum process stability and reproducible results during direct and indirect measuring. We guarantee > 10 million cycles, a precision of 0.1% FS and the smallest possible temperature drift. Our sensors prove themselves thousands of times every day: in modern injection molding machines or in crude oil drilling heads under extreme environmental influences, in electromechanical brakes for wind power plants or for process monitoring and quality assurance in the food industry and in medical engineering.

As a supplier of well-known OEM manufacturers, we make a point of understanding our customers' clientele and supporting their process optimization efforts.

  • Portfolio
    • Load Cell DLRx

      Load Cell DLRx

      • Static and dynamic force measurement
      • Measuring 0,5 ... 100kN
      • Characteristic curve deviation < 0,3% FS

      Strain probe DSRK

      • Strain measurements in deep bores
      • Increased lifetime thanks to glued strain gauges
      • Maintenance- free
      • Measuring range 0 … 1000 με
      Bridge amplifier DABx

      Bridge amplifier DABx

      • Analysis of S/G bridges
      • 2 x 1/4 bridge or full bridge
      • Current or voltage output
      • 1 channel
      Piezo electric force sensor DLPP

      Piezo electric force sensor DLPP

      • Measurement of dynamic forces
      • Measuring range from 250 N to 30 kN
      • Linearity < 1% FSR
      Industrial multi range charge amplifier DACx

      Industrial multi range charge amplifier DACx

      • Analysis of piezo electric sensors
      • Measuring range from 100 pC to 1'000'000 pC
      • Characteristic curve deviation <1% FSR
      • 1 channel
    • Stain ring DSRC

      Strain ring DSRC

      • Strain measurement on tie bars and shafts
      • Measuring range ±1000 με
      • Characteristic curve deviation < 1% FSR
      Strain links DSRT

      Strain links DSRT

      • Strain measurement on rigid structures
      • Measuring range ±750 με
      • Characteristc curve deviation < 0,8% FSR
      Displaybox DDBF

      Displaybox DDBF

      • Signal analysis of strain rings and strain probes
      • Display range ±1999 με
      • 2 or 4 channels
      Accessories / Tool / Cable DZxx

      Accessories / Tool / Cable DZxx

      • Variety of mounting accessories for piezo electric sensors and cables
      • Temperature rang up to +220° C
      Cavity pressure sensor DPPC

      Cavity pressure sensor DPPC

      • Direct and indirect cavity pressure measurement
      • Measuring range 2000 bar
      • Linearity < 1% FSR

    Baumer is the leading manufacturer of sensors for fully electronic plastic injection molding machines, and as a traditional representative of "Swiss made" products, is very successful in all Asian markets.

    You'll find the smallest strain sensor with the highest resolution and integrated electronics only at Baumer.

    • Holding force control

      In all-automated bending machines, manipulation units hold the sheet moving at high speed to and fro. The force applied must prevent any misalignment while at the same time must not leave any trace on the sheet.  Such contradictory requirements are optimally solved by strain sensor DSRT which is simply installed at the machine frame.

      Force control in the joining process

      Force monitoring in the sheet forming and joining process is indispensable for quality assurance. The force-path curve is logged as quality proof. Straight installed at the joining pliers, strain sensor DSRT reliably detects the force applied. One sensor type fits different designs of pliers. 

      Sheet thickness measurement

      In automated sheet thickness control, strain sensor DSRT is monitoring the applied force throughout the entire bending process. It will recognize increasing force in the moment the punch is hitting the sheet which provides the sensor with indirect information on the sheet thickness. In the event of any non-compliance, the bending operation is automatically adjusted. High-resolution detection always ensures the sheet‘s optimal angular accuracy. The strain sensor is simply installed at the machine frame where optimal. 

      Process monitoring at plasticization units

      In all-electric plastic molding machines, Baumer load cells precisely measure injection, re-injection and dynamic pressure at the dosing screw, supplying precise and reproducible values throughout the entire molding process. In the event of any non-compliance to defined parameters, the controller will correct the applied pressure which is decisive for the quality of the molded parts.

    Special properties
      • Precise
      • High reproducibility
      • Free from transverse force effects
      • Analog signals ±10 V, 4…20 mA, CanOpen interface