Fill level detection with capacitive sensors

Touching or looking through walls

Capacitive sensors are seen as the true all-rounders of level measurement technology: they are robust and suitable for many different uses because they can be used for detection of practically any medium. In a robust all-metal housing they are also suitable for use in aggressive media with direct contact. If the medium does not allow direct contact, they can also see through (non-conductive) container walls. They are not troubled by adhesions or dirt, nor can the medium be contaminated by the sensor.

  • Portfolio
    • With media contact

      • Especially robust housing for long lifetime
      • Integrated compensation electrodes for suppression of dirt and moisture
      • Special sensors for soiled media

      Robust sensors

      • Sensors for stringent requirements
      • Sensing head coated for fast, residue-free cleaning
      • Use of the sensing head at temperatures of -40°C (cold) to 200°C (hot)
    • Contactless

      • Protected sensor installation outside of the container
      • Medium is not contaminated by the sensor
      • Measuring in completely closed systems possible from the outside

      Smart installation solution

      • Flexible installation with unique mounting frame
      • Sensor easily snaps in and out without tools
      • Cascading several sensors is possible


    Applikation tasks
    • Level detection with media contact
      Capacitive sensors in especially robust plastic and metal housings are very suitable for level detection in direct contact with the medium.  The sensors feature high chemical and mechanical resistance.  They are installed through an opening in the container wall or inside the container. The internal compensating electrode prevents switching errors caused by sediments and moisture on the sensing face. Sensors with a fully enclosed housing are preferable for applications with direct media contact.

      Level detection through container walls
      Level detection through container walls</strong><br />Capacitive sensors can detect media through non-conductive container walls without any problems. This is a big benefit particularly in closed containers, chemically aggressive media or in media which must not be contaminated. The higher the dielectric constant or conductivity of the medium to be detected, the better it can be detected by the sensor through the container wall.

    Areas of application
    • Ink level detection in offset printing machines

      • Level detection in direct contact with the liquid
      • Dirt and drop retention is suppressed by the sensor
      • Easy and safe functional principle


      Liquid level monitoring of return flow tanks in laboratory automation

      • Fast and easy sensor installation outside of tanks
      • Long service life thanks to robust housing
      • Several self-definable monitoring areas thanks to easy cascading


      Level monitoring in bottling plants

      • Detection through packaging
      • Quality control of closed packaging at the end of the process possible
      • Color-independent detection increases process safety