The clever alternative to vibration fork level switches

CleverLevel - next generation of level switches

Inaccurate readings because something is sticking to the vibrating fork are a thing of the past. We took this to the next level: Safe monitoring of filling level thanks to Baumer´s new CleverLevel series. Reliable differentiation feature of media that might be electrostatic, sticky, pasty, or have a high or low viscosity comes automatically with the sensor.

  • Portfolio
    • CleverLevel LBFH

      • Hygienic applications
      • Certified to 3A, EHEDG and FDA standards
      • Foam detection
      • The solution for adhering media

      CleverLevel LBFS

      • Industrial and hygienic applications
      • -40…200°C process temperature
      • 3-A, EHEDG, FDA, marine, Atex, WHG, cULus certifications
      • Media separation
    • CleverLevel LBFI

      • Industrial applications
      • On-site configuration by qTeach®
      • LED status indicator visible from all around
      • Compact and robust

      CleverLevel LFFS

      • Eye-catching housing with enhanced 360 Degree status visibility
      • Industrial and hygienic applications
      • -40…200°C process temperature
      • 3-A, EHEDG, FDA,  Atex, WHG, cULus certifications
      • Differentiation between two very similar medias
    Special feature

    Based on the new frequency sweep technology, our level switches are suitable for high-viscosity fluids as well as for solid or liquid materials. As they are unaffected by liquid turbulence, sedimentation or air bubbles, nor indeed by foam or suspended particles, they are suitable for even the most difficult applications. In comparison to other measurement methods, such as vibrating forks, conductive, ultrasonic or optical sensors, frequency sweep technology has some important benefits: no vibrating parts, no sensitivity to changes in conductivity, temperature or pressure. The level switches can be programmed on site and are well suited for separating fluids.

    Key features

    Baumer level switches are 3A approved and EHEDG certified. This means that they are predestined for monitoring tanks in the food and beverage processing industry. The versions with Atex approval enable monitoring in gassy and dusty environments and are ideal for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in refineries, in energy production and in mills.