"Long-term precise measurements ..."

Baumer hydrostatic sensors measure filling levels, water columns and surface levels.
They recognize the differences in pressure, no matter what the fluid and environment, from 1 mH2O upwards.

Like the human ear they react highly sensitively to differences in pressure and pass these on to the controls as a linear scale. To do this, the pressure membrane is directly in contact with the fluid and - unlike other physical approaches to measurement of filling levels - is resistant to interference from external factors. The result is undistorted and stable measurements over the long term, even for difficult applications.

We distinguish here basically between two processes:

  • transmitters with piezoresistive silicon technology, which are primarily used in fresh water or also in the petro-chemical industry.
  • transmitters with ceramic thick film technology, which are highly resistant to aggressive fluids (chlorine, sludge), very robust and easy to clean.
  • Benefits of piezoresistive silicon technology
      • very high measurement precision
      • individual parameterization, can be done locally even after installation
        • for small measuring ranges (from 1 mH2O)
      • durable thanks to the fully welded housing (no gaskets)
      • stable over long periods
      • can be used in Ex-areas (ATEX)
    Areas of Application
      • cisterns, tanks, bodies of water, dammed lakes
      • monitoring and water supply systems
      • hydro power stations
        • pharmaceutical industry
      • shipbuilding
      • salt-water desalination plants
      • chemical/oil/gas industries
      • food and beverage processing industry
  • Benefits of ceramic thick film technology
      • excellent value for money
      • good resistance to fluids (chlorine, sludge etc.)
        • Plug and play (build in, measure and forget)
      • easy to clean membrane
      • robust measuring system
    Areas of Application
      • tank storage facilities
      • sewage plants
      • swimming pools
      • pumping stations