"Ideal for bottling plants Ideal for foodstuffs."

Our potentiometric filling level transmitters precisely record all homogeneous liquids with a conductivity of > 50 μS/cm or above. In a hygienic design with 3A certification and not sensitive to foam or bubbles or viscous, sticky fluids these transmitters are the ideal solution for applications in the food and beverage processing industry. The fast response time of less than 10 ms allows use to control very rapid filling processes using an analogue output signal. The filling level sensor can be attached by its top, bottom or side of the to the container. Available with a variety of process connections for hygienic installation.

  • Portfolio
    • LSP051.X

      • Fast response time < 10ms
      • Insensitive to foam, bubbles and sticky media
      • Top-, bottom- or side mounting
      • Approval: 3A
    Special feature

    The filling level transmitter is extremely robust and can withstand pressures up to 16 bar and process temperatures up to 140 °C for up to half an hour. This means it is predestined to be used as the fill level control when filling liquids containing carbon dioxide. Thanks to its high temperature resistance the transmitter can also be used in CIP and SIP processes.

    Areas of Application
    • Filling level control in bottling plants
      • Measuring the filling level in tanks and containers
    Key features
    • Suitable for liquids with conductivity of > 50 μS/cm
    • Simple definition of the measuring range using the Teach-In function.
    • Under cramped installation conditions or where there are high ambient temperatures the electronics can be separated from the sensor.
    • Signal emission galvanically separated from the power supply
    • 3A certification and FDA/EHEDG compliant