"Easy, fast and safe."

Process displays in stainless steel housing

The big and easy to read process displays built into an Ø80 mm stainless steel housing give you an easy, fast and safe indication of the state in any process. With standard process input Pt100 or 4…20 mA, the instrument can work as a stand-alone instrument for wall, panel or tube mounting or as a built-in display in a PFMx pressure transmitter or a TFRx temperature sensor.

  • Portfolio
    • CombiTemp

      Temperature sensor CombiTemp TFRN / TFRH / TFR5

      • RTD temperature sensor
      • Industrial or hygienic
      • Threaded or hygienic process connections
      • 4...20 mA, HART or Pt100 output
      • CombiView DFON display
      • Room temperature sensor
    • CombiView

      Process display CombiView DFON

      • Loop powered, 4…20 mA, ATEX-version, IP 67
      • 9 different display modes, digital, analog, bar graph, tank illustration
      • ColourView background, white, green or red, steady or flashing
      • 2 configurable relay outputs
      • Programmable by touch screen FlexProgrammer
      • Stand-alone (wall mounted) or built into CombiTemp instruments

      Pressure transmitter CombiPress PFMN / PFMH

      • Pressure transmitter / switch
      • Industrial or hygienic
      • Flush diaphragm, 3-A and EHEDG certified
      • CombiView DFON display
      • CIP / SIP-able
      • Programmable and 0-adjustment
    Special features
    • The process displays in the stainless steel housing CombiView, BattTemp, CombiTemp and CombiPress are also available for the explosion-risk and hygiene area.
    • User-friendly operation
    • Universal use, analog inputs for different signals
    • Completely configurable
    • High capability
    Areas of application
    • Pressure measuring
    • Temperature measurement
    • Current and voltage measurement
    • Material thickness measurement
    • Edge offset monitoring
    • Monitoring stretching or shrinking
    • Level display
    • Distance measurement