GAM900S - maximum safety

Safe monitoring of shocks and vibrations

Acceleration sensor GAM900S detects both vibration and shock to provide the machine control with the information via CANopen or Analog output. The safety relay output can be integrated in any safety system and will be activated as soon as the defined default limit is exceeded. Four factory-configured frequency bands with different filters enable perfect tuning to the requirements of the individual type of installation.

In wind turbines, the acceleration sensor GAM900S is predestined for implementation of the safety function “protection against excessive shocks and tower vibrations”. Permanent monitoring prevents damage or even destruction of the installation.

GAM900S Monitoring tower vibrations and shocks PLd/SIL2
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      GAM900S - maximum safety

      • SIL2-/PLd certified
      • 2× MEMS capacitive, diverse redundant, 3-axis
      • Max. 4 relay outputs, thereof 1 safe, internally redundant, SIL2/PLd compliant
      • Customer-specific filter and relay configuration
    Special Features
    • Safe detection by diverse redundant sensors

      GAM900S incorporates two precise MEMS sensors to reliably detect shock and vibration as prevailing for example at wind turbines:

      • Diverse redundant sensors to ensure systematic suitability and mandatory identification of common-cause failures.
      • Components from different manufacturers are used, with different designs and different methods of signal processing.

      Safe processing by certified software compliant to IEC 61508-3

      From specification to validation, the GAM900S safety rated embedded software (SRESW) is compliant with the requirements of the safety standard IEC 61508-3:

      • Extensive testings and detailed documentation of the safety-relevant software.
      • Guaranteed independence of safety and standard software e.g. used for CANopen communication.
      • Certified by TÜV Rheinland: Full compliance to safety integrity levels SIL2/PLd.

      Safe monitoring by redundant relays

      GAM900S utilizes two relays with readback contact:

      • 2-channel addressing of relay and status cross-checked by the SRESW.
      • Activation of the test input will identify any undetected error affecting the two relays, resulting for example from welded contacts.
      • Depending on customer requirements, the relay contacts are either internally connected in series or available at two separate connectors.
    Key Features
    • 2× MEMS capacitive, diverse redundant, 3-axis
    • Band width 0 ... 30 Hz
    • Analog and CANopen interface
    • Max. 4 relay outputs, thereof 1 safe, internally redundant, SIL2/PLd compliant
    • Housing made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (offshore-capable) or aluminum
    • Measuring range ±2 g
    • Resolution <4 mg
    • Operating temperature -40 ... +85 °C
    Areas of application
    • Precise detection and safe monitoring of shocks and vibrations in wind turbines.