Bearingless encoders - absolute and incremental

Durable and space-saving.

Baumer's bearingless encoders offer non-contact operation. Most are magnetic and all of them are virtually wear-free. Their reliable function is not affected by dust, dirt or humidity. They are extremely resistant to shocks and vibrations and have a virtually unlimited service life.

All Baumer bearingless encoders feature a very short design, so they are perfectly suited for use in cramped installation conditions and on direct drives.

Compared to other measuring methods, the magnetic measuring principle tolerates a wide air gap between the sensor and material measure. These encoders can thus operate reliably even during large shaft movements.

  • Portfolio
    • Incremental bearingless encoders

      • For shafts up to Ø740 mm
      • Line count up to 524288
      • Square wave and sinusoidal signals


      Absolute encoder MAGRES

      • Single and multiturn version
      • Wear-free and dirt tolerant
      • SSI as well as all common fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces
    • Absolute bearingless encoders

      • For shafts up to Ø340mm
      • Resolution up to 17 bit per revolution
      • SSI or CANopen


      Magnetic angle sensors

      • Absolute position detection up to 360° rotary angle
      • High resolution up to 0.09°
      • Linearized analog output signal
      • Wear-free and dirt tolerant


    Special features

    Baumer offers the largest selection of bearingless encoders, most of them with magnetic measuring principle.

    The product line ranges from the compact measuring system for small drive shafts that are Ø6 mm up to devices for generator shafts that are Ø740 mm or more.

    Areas of application
    • Angle and position feedback
    • Rotation and speed measurement
    • Motor feedback
    Key features
    • Virtually unlimited service life
    • Unaffected by soiling
    • Extremely vibration- and shock-proof
    • Suitable for very high speeds
    • Short axial design
    • Large air gap tolerances
    • For shafts up to Ø740 mm (larger diameters on request)
    • Incremental square wave and sinusoidal signals
    • Analog output signals
    • SSI and CANopen interfaces with additional incremental signals (square wave and sinusoidal)
    • Flexible bus covers with CANopen, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Powerlink, PROFINET