Absolute bearingless encoders

Absolutely wear-free.

All of Baumer's absolute bearingless encoders operate based on the magnetic principle and thus are non-contact and wear-free.

The absolute bearingless encoders with rotors are characterized by a particularly short design and are thus well suited for being used in cramped installation conditions, either on direct drives or on the A-side.

  • Portfolio
    • HDmag MHAP/MHAD

      • Resolution up to 17 bit
      • For shafts up to Ø340 mm
      • SSI or CANopen

      HDmag MHAD 50

      • Our compact absolute encoder with additional incremental signals


    • HDmag MQR 3000F

      HDmag MQR 3000F

      • Flexible quasi-absolute magnetic tape encoder
      • Position resolution singleturn up to 24 bit
      • Speed resolution up to 24 bit
      • For shafts up to Ø3183 mm


    Special features

    A highlight in our portfolio: HDmag MHAD 50 is the first compact, bearingless absolute encoder with additional incremental signals.

    Areas of application
    • Angle and position feedback
    • Rotation and speed measurement
    • Motor feedback
    Key features
    • Virtually unlimited service life
    • Unaffected by soiling
    • Extremely vibration- and shock-proof
    • Suitable for very high speeds
    • Short axial design
    • Large air gap tolerances
    • For shafts up to Ø340 mm (larger diameters on request)
    • SSI and CANopen interfaces with additional incremental signals (square wave and sinusoidal)