HDmagMHAD - bearingless absolute encoder with redundant scanning and function monitoring

Increased availability and operational safety.

The bearingless encoder features not only a virtually unlimited lifetime but also high operational safety and maximum availability.

  • Product
    • MHAD 50 HDmag

      • Resolution 16 bit and additionally up to 8,192 pulses per revolution
      • Through hollow shaft 20...42 mm
      • Overall depth 20 mm

    Increased availability:

    • Redundant sensing with up to 4 sensor heads on one rotor
    • Guaranteed system availability in case of cabling or sensor failure

    Improved operational safety:

    • correct and reliable position values thanks to integrated sine-cosine monitoring for sensor signals
    • A multicolor LED indicates the encoder status directly on the sensor, any occurring warnings are reported to the control system via the interface