HDmag MHAD - bearingless encoder with contact less measuring principle for use in commercial vehicles

Impervious to external influences and suitable for the smallest gap.

Encoders in commercial vehicles are constantly exposed to high stress due to heat, frost, shocks, vibration, moisture or lubricants. Thanks to the contact-less measuring principle, the bearingless encoder is completely impervious to these influences. With a mounting depth of only 20 mm, it fits in any space.

  • Product
    • MHAD 50 HDmag

      • Resolution 16 bit and additionally up to 8,192 pulses per revolution
      • Through hollow shaft 20...42 mm
      • Overall depth 20 mm
    Ideal for commercial vehicles
    • Exact acquisition of part location of axles and joints
    • Wear-free, virtually unlimited lifetime
    • Thanks to large air gap tolerance up to 1 mm, perfect for applications with great shaft play or great bearing play, for example at axles and joints in cranes, work platforms, excavators or harvesting machines
    • Shaft end remains free, hollow shaft can be used for cable lead-through
    • Additional incremental signals for easy speed and rotational direction evaluation.
    • The control system can compare the transmitted absolute positions with the position calculated from the incremental signals.
    • Maximum availability: The special housing shape of the sensor allows applications with up to 4 redundant sensor heads.
    Application example: lifting platform
    • The absolute function reports the current angle to the lifting platform control system, and the additional incremental track enables easy rotational direction and speed monitoring.
    • The housing encapsulated to IP 67 provides reliable protection from rain, splash water, cleaning liquids and hydraulic oil.