HDmag flex magnetic belt encoder

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The innovative HDmag flex magnetic belt encoders MIR 3000F and MQR 3000F are particularly cost-effective solutions for measuring the position and speed of shafts with large diameters of up to 3183 mm. They are based on the tried and tested HDmag principle, the high-resolution scan of a precision dimensional scale with real-time signal processing. The sensing head has two adjustable scanning units for adaptation to any shaft diameter. The high-resolution dimensional scale is strapped onto the shaft like a belt.

imagemapApplicationsIntegrated function monitoringOutput signalsInsensitive and robustDouble belt scanningDouble belt scanning

Double belt scanning

  • Wear-free measuring principle with double belt scanning for consistently high signal quality, even with large air gap tolerances:
    - axial ±5 mm
    - radial 1…3 mm

Insensitive and robust

  • Unaffected by dust, dirt, liquids and condensation
  • High protection class as well as shock and vibration resistant thanks to fully encapsulated electronics

Output signals

  • Electrical interfaces: SSI, HTL, TTL, SinCos and various combinations
  • Direct output of position and speed (HDmag flex MQR 3000F)

Integrated function monitoring

  • The integrated function monitoring constantly checks the encoder functions. A multi-colored LED shows the current status and supports staff during installation.


  • The magnetic belt encoder is designed for tough conditions on large shafts :
    - wind turbines
    - hydroelectric plants
    - generators
    - large drive units
    - POD drives
    - crane systems
    - paper machines
  • Installation is particularly easy for all applications. Maintaining a free shaft end and shaft removal are not required.
  • Portfolio
    • HDmag MIR 3000F

      HDmag flex MIR 3000F

      • Incremental
      • Up to 131,072 pulses per revolution
      • Square-wave or sinusoidal signals
    • HDmag MQR 3000F

      HDmag flex MQR 3000F

      • Quasi-absolute
      • Resolution up to 24 bit
      • Additional output of a high-precision speed signal, resolution up to 24 bit
        Special features    

    Thanks to convenient mounting and unparalleled accuracy, these encoders are appealing because they offer the most cost-effective technology for measuring position and speed for large shaft diameters:

    • Shaft removal and maintaining a free shaft end are not required
    • Short downtimes, one person can carry out installation within minutes
    • Wear-free measuring principle, maintenance free and virtually unlimited service life thanks to contactless magnetic scanning technology
    • High resolution, irrespective of diameter
    • Delivery period: approx. 10 working days after receipt of order by the production factory

    The matching magnetic belt is tightened like a waist belt on the drive or generator shaft,

    The belt lock is welded securely to the magnetic belt for maximum tractive force, holding the belt securely on the shaft.

    The sensing head offers a superior resolution despite a high degree of axial thrust and a strongly fluctuating air gap.


    Unpack, mount and measure: measuring the rotational speed and position of large shafts has never been easier. A single person can mount the innovative magnetic belt encoder within minutes—even if the shafts are 3 meters in diameter. The magnetic belt hugs the machine or generator shaft like a waist belt and is conveniently and safely secured with a belt lock, thus drastically reducing your installation costs:

    • The drive shaft is always fully mounted, shaft removal and maintaining a free shaft end are not required
    • Mechanical shaft adjustments are not required.
    • System downtimes are reduced to just the time it takes to mount the encoder.

    The magnetic belt encoder is thus the easiest and fastest retrofit solution for measuring the speed and position of medium to large shafts.


    You will immediately notice just how flexible the magnetic belt encoder is as soon as you unpack it: The magnetic belt is wound up tightly in the packaging and, for a 1000 mm shaft, weighs only 400 grams. Together with the scanning head , the system weighs under 1.5 kg.

    The wide magnetic belt allows for robust coding: The shaft can move axially back and forth up to 10 mm with a constantly high signal quality.

    The magnetic belt encoder supplies all output signals independently of the particular shaft diameter. After all, this is how current encoder technology should work: You order the resolution you need for each large shaft diameter.


    As soon as movement is detected, the magnetic belt encoder delivers a high-precision speed signal which can be directly processed by your control system. Crucial in this case is the revolutionary signal processing, which delivers the speed signal directly without conversion delays.

    The magnetic belt encoder has an advantage in the rotor lock on wind turbines, for instance, where it provides the exact position on a 1000 mm shaft with an accuracy of ±0.02°.

    The magnetic belt encoder is also capable of reliably detecting even the smallest creep movements. It resolves the speed and position so precisely that speeds starting at 0.003 rpm - the equivalent of a single rotation in 6 hours - can be detected!