HeavyDuty encoder technology for extreme applications

Tough where it´s rough – precise in performance

In more than 60 years of experience, Baumer has been significantly contributing towards reduced down time, increased system availability and improved product quality. This reflects in our particularly robust encoders, reliable centrifugal switches and optimally matching installation and mounting accessories.

  • Portfolio
    • Incremental HeavyDuty encoders

      • Hollow shafts up to 150 mm in diameter
      • Redundant sensing optionally available
      • Solid shafts up to 11 mm


      HeavyDuty speed switches

      • Mechanical centrifugal switches or as electronic versions
      • Heavy-duty and fail-safe
      • Stand-alone device, integrated or as combination with encoder or tachogenerator


      HeavyDuty combinations

      • Two or more sensors with a common shaft
      • Many combination options
      • For high safety requirements

    • Absolute HeavyDuty encoders

      • Gear- and battery-less multiturn generator (microGen)
      • Redundant sensing optionally available
      • All common absolute interfaces
      • Hollow shafts up to 70 mm


      HeavyDuty tachogenerators and resolvers

      • Maximum brush lifetime thanks to LongLife commutator
      • Operating temperature up to
        +130 °C
      • Very high accuracy throughout the entire speed range


    Special Features
      • The decisive contribution to downtime reduction
        Thanks to our industry expertise gained over many years and the close cooperation with machine and plant manufacturers, our products excel with robust mechanical designs and extreme durability and lifetime.
      • Enhanced system availability and product quality
        Baumer HeavyDuty products set benchmarks and meet the demanding requirements of the steel and metal industry.
      • Your one-stop supplier for any steel plant encoder
        Baumer is an innovative single-source partner in the steel industry
          with extensive problem-solving expertise. Baumer offers a broad portfolio of HeavyDuty products along with an unmatched range of standard industry encoders.
      • Short delivery times and prompt service by global presence
      • The key to our HeavyDuty success - outstanding engineering expertise



      Long-term seal against ingress of dust and liquids

      • Specialized housing sealing concept
      • Long-term stable shaft seal by Simmering, series HOG 10, HMG 10 and PMG 10 with additional labyrinth seal
      • High temperature range up to 100 °C
      • High protection class

      Easy installation

      • Shaft with wrench flat for particularly easy attachment

      Easy installation and integration

      • 180° turnable terminal box enables connection from both sides providing for an optimum cable outlet
      • Separate terminal box allows for pre-prepared routing regardless of later encoder installation position
      • Quick cable connection by integrated terminal connector
      • Terminal box with D-Sub can be used as standard plug (HOG 10 series)

      Robust design for absolute reliability throughout the entire service life

      • Solid housing made of aluminium or stainless steel
      • Extremely strong walls, more than 10 mm thick
      • Electronics protected during installation (C4)
      • Additional protective coating

      High-performance output drivers for long-distance transmission 

      • HTL-P with power linedriver for signal transmission up to 350 m
      • TTL technology for transmission up to 550 m
      • Fiber-optic cable (optional accessory), up to 1500 m

      Bearings on both shaft ends for maximum lifetime

      • Large ball bearings at optimum distance
      • Designed to endure extremely high shaft loads

      Protection against capacitive shaft currents

      • Housing inside with polyamide isolation for shaft insulation and encoder voltage protection up to 2.8 kV.
      • Alternative protection by optional hybrid bearings with ceramic ball bearings
      • Optional motor earthing unit for shaft current discharge

      Einfache Integration des passenden Zubehörs

      • Vielfach positionierbares Drehmomentstützblech
    Areas of application

    Precise speed and position monitoring under extreme ambient conditions

    • Steel industry
    • Cranes and lifting systems
    • Oil and gas
    • Material handling and conveyer systems
    • Heavy vehicles
    • Wind turbines