Incremental HeavyDuty encoders

Reliable under the toughest conditions.

Robust mechanical design, reliable electronics, easy installation: Even under the toughest conditions, our incremental HeavyDuty encoders work reliably and durably in 24/7 mode, and significantly help to avoid malfunctions and stoppage costs.

  • Portfolio
    • Solid shaft

      • 58 to 120 mm design
      • Solid shaft ø6...11 mm
      • Rectangular and sinusoidal signals
      • Wide range with EURO flange B10 / REO flange

      HOG 86 - our new family for the highest requirements

      • 99 mm design
      • Blind hollow shaft ø12...17 mm
      • Also available with redundant outputs


    • Hollow shaft

      • 58 to 287 mm design
      • Hollow shaft ø8...150 mm
      • Rectangular and sinusoidal signals
      • Economical and safe installation
      • Wide range of accessories
    Special features
    • Extremely durable and reliable thanks to proven HeavyDuty technology
    • Perfect sinusoidal signal quality thanks to LowHarmonics® impulse disk and lens design
    • Explosion protection for gas and dust environments as a standard feature for almost all devices
    • Special offshore versions
    • Protection for sea air and tropical environments optionally available
    • Redundant sensing optionally available
    • Powerful output drivers
    • Integrated function monitoring system EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System)
    Areas of application

    Precise speed and position measurement under extreme ambient conditions, particularly suitable for

    • Steel and rolling mills
    • Cranes and lifting systems
    • Oil and gas
    • Mining industry
    • Heavy vehicles
    • Wind turbines
    Key features
    • Extremely robust design
    • Solid aluminum or stainless steel housing
    • Double-sided bearing
    • HeavyDuty connection technology
    • Insulation for protection from shaft currents
    • Twin encoders and combinations with speed switches and tachogenerators for special tasks and safety functions