HeavyDuty speed switches

Reliable switching for maximum safety.

Baumer HeavyDuty speed switches have set standards with regard to robustness, reliable function and product range variety for many years. They often perform a decisive safety function by triggering a switching point when operating speeds go higher or lower than specified.

  • Portfolio
    • Mechanical speed switches

      • Mechanically safe centrifugal principle
      • One operating speed preset at factory
      • Switching output with potential-free normally closed contact and normally open contact
      • Stand-alone device or as combination with encoder or tachogenerator

      Encoders with integrated speed switch

      • Compact design with solid shaft or hollow shaft
      • Up to three operating speeds
      • Freely programmable by PC software
    • Electronic speed switches

      • Proven electronic signal conditioning integrated
      • Up to 3 switching speeds
      • Potential-free relay output or three transistor outputs
      • Stand-alone device or as combination with encoder or tachogenerator

      Speed switches, stand-alone device

      • Conditioning of any incremental signals
      • 3 switching speeds, freely programmable
      • Integrated speed indicator

    Special features
    • Extremely durable and reliable thanks to proven HeavyDuty technology
    • Mechanical centrifugal switches without auxiliary electric power
    • Operating speed preset or PC programmable
    • Switching points dependent on the direction of rotation possible
    Areas of application

    Safe speed monitoring in extreme ambient conditions. Particularly suitable for

    • Steel and rolling mills
    • Cranes and lifting systems
    • Oil and gas
    • Mining industry
    • Heavy vehicles
    • Wind turbines
    Key features
    • Extremely robust design
    • Solid aluminum or stainless steel housing
    • Double-sided bearing
    • HeavyDuty connection technology
    • Combination with encoder and tachogenerator for special tasks and safety functions