HeavyDuty tachogenerators and resolvers

Reliable real-time signals.

Baumer tachogenerators feature a high tacho voltage conversion accuracy throughout the entire speed range, which is ensured by the LongLife transmission system consisting of commutators and brushes developed by Baumer.

  • Portfolio
    • HeavyDuty tachogenerators

      • Maximum brush lifetime thanks to LongLife commutator
      • Operating temperature up to
        +130 °C
      • Very high accuracy throughout the entire speed range
    • Resolvers

      • Precise analog signals
      • Operating temperature +100 °C
      • Encoder-compatible design

    Special features
    • Extremely durable and reliable thanks to proven HeavyDuty technology
    • Specially developed LongLife commutator with integrated silver track for constantly low transfer resistance
    • Specially adapted brushes for maintenance-free operation and long lifetime
    • LongLife technology also enables precise, real-time measurement of low speeds
    • Ideally suited especially for extreme weather and ambient conditions
    Areas of application

    Precise, real-time speed measurement, ideally suited for

    • Rolling mills
    • Presses
    • Cable cars
    • Crane and lifting systems
    Key features
    • Special signal quality and lifetime thanks to LongLife® technology
    • Signal transmission with high interference resistance
    • No power supply required
    • Economical signal transmission with two-core cable
    • Real-time speed and rotating direction measurement
    • Resistant to mechanical and electrical impacts
    • For safety-related applications as combination with encoder and speed switch