Incremental encoders for precise speed or acquisition of part location

Amazing variety and resolution in all designs.

You will always find the suitable incremental encoder for precise speed or position detection here: From the cost-efficient standard versions to the high-resolution design with 320,000 pulses per revolution - in various designs and with robust magnetic or precise optical scanning. Optionally with HTL, TTL, or sine signals and all common mechanical interfaces.

  • Portfolio
    • 24 to 40 mm compact designs

      • 4 to 8 mm solid shaft; 4 to 12 mm blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft
      • Precise optical or robust magnetic scan
      • Rugged metal housing


      Productfinder 24 mm

      Large hollow shafts

      • Blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft up to 85 mm
      • Precise optical scanning
      • Reduced mounting depth


      Sine encoders

      • Maximum signal quality with LowHarmonics technology
      • Solid shaft, blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft
      • Precise optical scanning


    • incremental encoders 58 mm

      58 mm designs

      • 6 to 12 mm solid shaft; 6 to 16 mm blind hollow shaft or through hollow shaft
      • Precise optical or robust magnetic scan
      • Up to 320,000 pulses per revolution


      Programmable encoders

      • Programmable line count up to 320,000
      • Programmable electric interface level
      • All designs and mechanical interfaces


      Alternative mounting designs

      • Products with EURO flange B10/REO flange
      • Measuring wheel encoder


    Additional versions

    Our particularly large range of incremental encoders also provides solutions for other applications:

    Special feature

    With two scanning technologies and a wide variety of product versions, Baumer has the optimum incremental encoder for any application.

    Areas of application

    Precise speed and position monitoring for many different applications, for example:

    • for asynchronous motors
    • in slip rings
    • in packaging lines
    • in textile and printing machines
    Key features
    • Very compact designs with housings from Ø 24 mm
    • Hollow shaft versions from Ø6 mm to Ø85 mm
    • Optical scanning for high pulse ranges and maximum accuracy
    • Magnetic scanning that is incredibly immune to external influences
    • Designed for heavy-duty, offshore, ATEX and SIL applications
    • Very wide temperature range from –40 to 100° C