OptoPulse® EIL580 - the benchmark for incremental encoders in 58 mm design

Made better by Baumer

Flexible, robust, precise.  

The proven incremental encoders of the OptoPulse® EIL580 series set the standard in 58 mm design. Modular and robust design combined with cutting-edge technology form the basis for a selection of product variants where you can always be sure to find the encoder matching your application best – and at excellent price / performance ratio. 

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  • Especially durable
  • Robust mechanism with ShaftLock bearing design
  • Shaft load up to 40 N axial and 80 N radial
  • High protection class up to IP 67
  • Operating temperature -40°C … +85°C or -40 °C … +100°C ( programmable)
  • The encoder electronics provides an overall-immunity against strong magnetic fields which for example prevail at magnetic brakes.
  • Designed for extremely high shaft loads
    (up to 40N axial and 80N radial)
  • Optimal price / performance ratio
  • Product and extensive, tested accessories from one source
  • For high speed up to 12.000 rpm. 
    Even for high-dynamic applications.
  • Portfolio
    • Incremental encoder OptoPulse EIL580-SC

      OptoPulse® EIL580-SC 

      • Solid shaft 10 mm (clamping flange)
      • Pulse rate 100 to 5000
      Incremental encoder EIL580-B

      OptoPulse® EIL580-B 

      • Blind hollow shaft 8 to 15 mm
      • Pulse rate 100 to 5000
      Incremental encoder OptoPulse EIL580-SC

      OptoPulse® EIL580-S1

      • Solid shaft with EURO flange B10
      • Pulse rate 100 to 5000
    • incremental encoders EIL580-SY

      OptoPulse® EIL580-SY 

      • Solid shaft 6 mm (servo flange)
      • Pulse rate 100 to 5000
      incremental encoders EIL580-T

      OptoPulse® EIL580-T 

      • Through hollow shaft 8 to 15 mm
      • Pulse rate 100 to 5000
      Incremental encoder OptoPulse EIL580-SC

      OptoPulse® EIL580-SQ

      • Solid shaft with square flange
      • Pulse rate 100 to 5000
    Special features
    • Flexible:
      Modular system, the correct encoder for every application
    • Robust:
      High reliability and longevity, protection from failure and machinery stoppage
    • Precise:
      Exceptional precision for high control quality and productivity in use.
    • Cost-effective:
      Attractive price / performance ratio, short delivery times and optimally matched, tested accessories
    Areas of application

    Precise speed and position monitoring for many different applications, for example:

    • Asynchronous motors
    • Machinery
    • Lift construction
    • Packaging systems
    • Textile and printing machines
    • Wind and solar power


    Key features
    • Reliable ShaftLock bearing design:
      Large, quality ball bearings with maximum distance prevent misalignment of the bearing assembly due to excessive axial shaft loading in operation or during installation.
    • Full shaft, hollow shaft that is open on one side or continuous
    • Massive aluminum die-cast housing with 1.5 mm wall thickness
    • All common output circuits
    • Product design unites form and function, making installation easier
    • Discreet optical integration into the application
    • Customer-specific persons on request