OptoPulse® EIL580P – the universal and programmable encoder in 58 mm design

Cutting down on inventory cost and lead times.

The incremental encoders of the OptoPulse® EIL580P series are based on a sophisticated modular product platform. Extended protocol functions improve product traceability. Configuration parameters as well as the serial number of each programmed encoder are automatically stored in the software and allow for readout, exportation or further processing by the ERP system via interface.  A product variant in solid shaft design is also available.

  • High protection class up to IP 67
  • Especially durable
  • Robust mechanism with ShaftLock bearing design
  • Shaft load up to 40 N axial and 80 N radial
  • Operating temperature -40°C … +85°C or -40 °C … +100°C ( programmable)
  • The encoder electronics provides an overall-immunity against strong magnetic fields which for example prevail at magnetic brakes.
  • Designed for extremely high shaft loads
    (up to 40N axial and 80N radial)
  • Extremely high shock and vibration resistance up to 300 g or 30 g
  • For high speed up to 12.000 rpm. 
    Even for high-dynamic applications.
  • Portfolio
    • OptoPulse® EIL580P-SC

      • Programmable
      • Pulse rate 1 to 65536
      • Solid shaft 10 mm (clamping flange)

      OptoPulse® EIL580P-B

      • Programmable
      • Pulse rate 1 to 65536
      • Blind hollow shaft
      Incremental encoder OptoPulse EIL580 square flange

      OptoPulse® EIL580P-SQ

      • Solid shaft with square flange
      • Pulse rate 100 to 5000

      Handheld tool

      • Simple, quick programming
      • 4 user-assigned buttons
      • Intuitive programming
      • Voltage supply through standard AA batteries
    • OptoPulse® EIL580P-SY

      • Programmable
      • Pulse rate 1 to 65536
      • Solid shaft 6 mm (servo flange)

      OptoPulse® EIL580P-T

      • Programmable
      • Pulse rate 1 to 65536
      • Through hollow shaft

      PC software

      • Comfortable programming several encoders in line
      • Automatic identification of the connected devices
      • Diagnostics with on-screen readout
      • Product label print outs possible
    Special features
    • Programmable:
      Pulse number, output signal, pulse sequence and zero pulse can be freely selected.
    • Flexible:
      Modular system, the correct encoder for every application
    • Robust:
      High reliability and longevity, protection from failure and machinery stoppage
    • Precise:
      Exceptional precision for high control quality and productivity in use.
    • Cost-effective:
      Attractive price / performance ratio, short delivery times and optimally matched, tested accessories
    Areas of application

    Precise speed and position monitoring for many different applications, for example:

    • Asynchronous motors
    • Machinery
    • Lift construction
    • Packaging systems
    • Textile and printing machines
    • Wind and solar power
    Key features
    • Programmable versions
    • Reliable ShaftLock bearing design:
    • Large, quality ball bearings with maximum distance prevent misalignment of the bearing assembly due to excessive axial shaft loading in operation or during installation.
    • Full shaft, hollow shaft that is open on one side or continuous
    • Massive aluminum die-cast housing with 1.5 mm wall thickness
    • All common output circuits
    • Product design unites form and function, making installation easier
    • Discreet optical integration into the application
    • Customer-specific persons on request
      • Any resolution from 1 to 65536 pulses per revolution
      • Output stage HTL or TTL and programmable pulse sequence
      • Reference pulse setting function, reference pulse 90° or 180°
      • Universal voltage supply 4,75 to 30 VDC
      • Electronic product label

      Convenient programming via handheld tool, PC software or software library:

      Easy programming via handheld tool
      • Four user-assigned buttons for simple and quick programming
      • Memory of several encoder configuration profiles
      • Intuitive, fully menu-driven programming
      • Backlit display
      • Good readability under any ambient light condition
      • Encoder diagnostics
      • LED activity indicator
      Convenient programming via PC software
      • Efficient programming by automatic identification of the connected devices
      • Easy, intuitive operation and programming
      • Quick and efficient configuration by user-assigned buttons
      • Encoder diagnostics with on-screen readout
      • On-screen feedback of the programming process
      • Perfect product documentation by individual product label print outs
      Our software library provides decisive benefits

      Benefits for OEM:

      • Enhanced efficiency through automated product documentation and improved traceability
      • All parameters are automatically defined in the production process
      • Directly allocate serial number and pertinent encoder configuration to the related production order

      Benefits for users:

      •  The encoder configuration is updated directly in the production process
      • Without manual intervention
      • Without production loss, eliminating downtime