Incremental encoders with alternative mounting designs

Always a good solution. Measuring wheel encoders or encoders with EURO flange B10 (REO flange).

Incremental encoders for precise speed detection or acquisition of part location. On this page you will find products with EURO flange, B/10/REO flange, and measuring wheel encoders.

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    • measuring wheel encoder

      Measuring wheel encoder

      • Complete set consists of an encoder, measuring wheel and measuring arm
      • Simple manual setting without programming device
      • Infinitely adjustable contact pressure
    • Encoders with EURO flange B10/REO flange

      Encoders with EURO flange B10/REO flange

      • Robust industrial standard flange with high bearing load
      • Precise optical scanning
      • Up to 6,000 pulse
    Applications measure wheel encoder
    • Precise acquisition of conveyor speed
    • Perfect for retrofitting
    • For high and low conveyor speeds