The mounting of capacitive sensors

To rule out unintentional interference of the measuring field and to achieve maximum sensing distances, it is required to follow the mounting instructions and to maintain the specified minimum distances. If the minimum distances are undercut, a reduction of the sensing distances is expectable. A sensor test directly at the application is recommended.

Mounting instruction - flush mounting procedure
Flush mounting of flush-mountable capacitive sensors is possible in all materials. The minimum distance between the sensors must be observed.

Mounting instruction - non-flush mounting procedure
For non-flush mountable capacitive sensors, a free zone must be created around the sensor head which must not contain any damping material.

Max. installation torques

To avoid damage during sensor installation, the specified installation torques must not be exceeded.

  • Cylindrical housing with external thread

Brass nickel-plated



7.0 Nm

1.5 Nm


15 Nm

3.0 Nm


200 Nm

15 Nm

  • Rectangular housing



Brass nickel-plated



0.9 Nm

0.5 Nm


2.1 Nm

1.0 Nm