Protection classes of inductive sensors

IP 65

1) Protection from ingress of dust and complete protection against electric shock.
2) Protection from water jets from any direction.

IP 67

IP 67 includes the IP 65 specification. In addition this class offers protection against water when the housing is immersed in water under defined pressure and time conditions (30 minutes in 1 meter deep water).

IP 68

Water must not enter in a quantity that will produce harmful effects if the housing is continuously immersed in water and if conditions which are specified between the manufacturer and user are fulfilled. The conditions must however be more difficult than in IP 67.

IP 69K

Protection from ingress of water during high-pressure cleaning with pure water at a water pressure of 8,000 to 10,000 kPa and a water temperature of +80 °C. The pressurization period is 30 seconds per position. Because this test procedure distinctly differs from the other IP tests, devices with the test seal IP 69K do not automatically have protection class IP 67 or IP 68. Solely devices with protection class IP 67 also have the underlying protection classes as well.