The mounting of ultrasonic sensors

Synchronization or Multiplex feature

Synchronization feature

Link the control pin of all sensors within a limited area to each other. This triggers the measurement of all sensors at the same time. Interference signals which arrive later at the sensor due to their longer sensing distance, will be ignored. Up to eight sensors can be synchronized via control pin.


Multiplex feature

Link the control pin of both sensors to each other. While the first sensor is measuring, the second is disabled. After the first measurement is completed, the second sensor is allowed to send and receive its signals. In maximum two sensors can be interconnected. The multiplex function increases the sensor response time to the double of the specified value.

Note: The control pin must be closed on sensors utilizing either the synchronization or multiplex feature. If the feature is not in use the pin must be connected to the following potentials to ensure the standard response time:

Synchronization: Connect the control pin to supply voltage (+Vs)
Multiplex: Connect the control pin to ground (GND)

Adjustment aid

The LED indicates the intensity of the signal which has been reflected by the object, as well as the output's switching state.

LED on
The object is reliably detected with a signal strength reserve of 50 %. The output is switched.
LED off
No target detected, output is not switched.
LED flashing
Unreliable detection of the target. The output is activated / switched.

Teach-in lock

The Teach-in lock is active 5 minutes after power-up or after the end of the last Teach-in process.
Teach-in lock is reset by disconnecting the power supply.
The Teach-in lock can be released by briefly switching the main power off.

Angular deflection

  • Like light waves, a flat even surface will reflect sound waves best - reason why an angled surface might not suffice for accurate target recognition.  The larger the distance between sensor and target, the higher the tilt effect.

    This may also be turned in an advantage when detecting a target from remote, as shown in the illustration. The reflector must be large enough and have smooth surfaces and edges.

    Sonic beam deflector Series 20 - see accessories section

Minimum spacings

  • Minimum spacings


    Minimum spacings table